Everyone always wants to join in the feast of wealth. But no one is willing to hunt for success nothing comes easy and why should it.

Are you the Predator  or the Prey

Because there is no tomorrow


Evolution of Self is a great concept. An idea that has a person pushing for their best possible selves through self-awareness, self-betterment, and a desire to be better than they were yesterday. It’s a competition against oneself, and the goal is to get a little better.

Each day, To self-evolve.

Trevor (Flying Dragon )Wilson

If ever there were a place where I could go to hold up a mirror of myself to inspect the good and bad, this would be the place. So it can never be forgotten the daily storms being waged:) it’s a Yin&Yang of who will win or lose at any given time. This embodies that very struggle.

As the writer “the level of cerebral and unpredictability gives a tumultuous feeling of twists and turns, never knowing where the road is going to take you until you are sucked into the unknown of the deceptive presence of Black Ice when the bottom drops out you never see coming before it’s too late. So unexpected and thought-provoking:) The definitive psychological mind binder trip into the unknown abyss of twisted creations.

Before you realized the water is rising, it’s already too late, you’re completely at submerged into every aspect watching as the twisted web of the unknown unfolds around.

Jen. T Senshi

Reflection into Myself

Absolutely I love when the impact of my twisted envisions sends fear quivering down my audiences spines with blinding anticipation of the unknown.

Like Crocodile lurking in shadows at the water hole waiting patiently to deliver your fate, you may live to see another day or meet the Reaper.

Рука Жнеца всегда будет взведена и загружена.

Ruka Zhnetsa vsegda budet vzvedena i zagruzhena.