Pure Heart of Valour

When you find your inner self and open up truly what you are capable of, you see the world in a whole new image for the first time. And the truth is that mankind’s actions are very dark and unforgiving, Those that embrace the inner darkness and do not run from it find out a level of understanding far beyond. What they thought could ascend to. Not because they let their actions dictate .

Their execution prevalence being a leader doesn’t mean you stand above everyone else.  Allow no one to be left behind a true leader is willing to sacrifice in life and in the will of valour.

Everything they put sweat, blood, Breath into you’re completely immersed.

This doesn’t mean living your life by following others but….by your own code and your true testament. Those that choose the will to act, and stand against the unjust, corrupt are not without flaws or scars, but their hearts are the driven instrument of precision. From the absence of calamity or complacency of their moral fibre, its absolution of a pure heart of valour fear is not their death but their moral virtue killer instinct.

Live or Die on this day is a glorious sacrifice for tonight we dine in Hell


Die for everything in an act of valour or live for nothing in disgrace




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