Alpha Amazon

The Alpha Female

The Female Warrior  

This tribute to all the warriors that empower and demanded respect not because they were seen as weak or lesser than males, most times they were often the most feared and the walk with valour

Were not afraid wage into the gates of hell to die with acts of valour” From the shield maidens of the Vikings and Queen Lagertha to Guinevere long before she was a Queen, she was a warrior that fought for her people and greatness.

When you look at many aspects of history, the Female Warrior: it was one of admiration, desire, and ambition most of  (The Heart of Valour). A pride of lions the males are there only to protect their territory and legacy” but it is the lioness that does all the hunting, they are the ones provide the feast and nurture the offspring. Nothing remains supreme more than their families, the knowledge and wisdom they forged through unbinding raw compassion.

In every breath through their blood, agony their time will come to end they know that and live without fear.


True Warrior embraces fate doesn’t hide from it, she knows when her time will come.

E.O.S- Primal R.e.p.r

13 thoughts on “The Alpha Female”

    1. Glad it spoke to your soul Kelly, those of us that are wolves follow no one but live by our own code no matter what . Death is not adversity you run away from but embrace as its just one element in the vessel of life.

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      1. Perfectly expressed – death really is a door to the next level and not something f we should fear, like you say, we should embrace as it’s just one element of life xx

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