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Warrior Code

Without Honour, there is no code

The calling of a true warrior doesn’t come from waging war to conquer the weak. But to defend and be the watchful guardian in which matters most in their existence. The legacy of unlimited wisdom that is passed down from one generation to the next. The skill and dedication to master their skills is not just discipline, but far beyond, it is a way of life that they live, breathe, bleed for the sole purpose. Knowing the gates of hell that awaits them could mean their sacrifice is not something that is unknown or feared instead is immersed with open arms of embrace. A true warrior knows the light and dark that lays within and doesn’t shun from who they are or what they are capable of, for others that fear their wage with death the act of a warrior is valour. They know to die in honour reign in the gates of hell during adversity is the greatest testament of living in the purity without Meyio, Yu there is no sacrifice. 


Die for everything in an act of valour, then live for nothing with disgrace 


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