Living is the hardest Testament

Life is not meant “to be a quick sprint but a marathon of endless experiences until you have taken your last breath. “Never you are outta of the fight only if you choose so”. The will to act lies within yourself, standing for what is just replicated your moral virtues is not bestowed on everyone to elevate beyond relegation of expectancy from what society deems as vital to fit into the fold. Is why so many struggles to find their foundation of accessibility when you keep ID’s in check by calling out their super egos you go against the flock of false presence superiority. I see those of us that live with higher purpose than social acceptance or the validation of popularity beyond trending parameters as outcasts.Thrown into exile but you fail to realized the sacrifices wolves make so the sheep have the freedoms they do for speech, creating propaganda are because of wolves and in the end you will always walk alone in the greatest testament in your life whether that means in life or death, die for everything in an act of valour then living in disgrace is the ultimate sacrifice to evolution of living not surviving at all costs to keep your head above water.

Only then will you lay to rest


7 thoughts on “Living is the hardest Testament”

    1. No true wolf Alpha or Beta will never try to be a pathetic sheep but omega that is different story because they do what their told.

      And have no authority or merits of virtue to valour so omega would try to blend and boss the sheep and estrude the flock into doing their bidding.

      Envious coward is always more dangerous because they are the ones to flank you and stabbed you straight through the heart from behind your six.

      Because looking you in the eyes locked together would crumble and show their gutless spines.




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      1. Thank you I am The Alpha Apex for a reason. No matter how many fucking scars I wear from waging in the gates I will never back down or ever fucking surrender.

        Last 48 hrs have been one fucking twisted ride I went through episodes last night but mange to get at least couple hrs during the day. My body force me to from sheer exhaustion I had nothing left I ‘m getting to resent and even despise sleeping more and more Deborah.

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