Grey Eyes

Our reflection of ourselves will revere the mirror of many images, were never without flaws or frailty. It’s our scars that even the strongest of us that have endured the storm there always stories remind us of the testament in the perseverance of life and the will to experience each moment. To see reminders of scars and wounds, some left still open from those that have tried to break you torment you into submission. Each massive war that wages start with a single battle some surround us others reign and are wage within. When you see all that you overcome said not me, not on this day many never can amass to the breath of perseverance. Because the truth is that gut-wrenching agony never remains dormant when you stripped away all the colours of emotions, complexity all that remains in your reflection that mirrors back at you through silhouette is……

Grey Eyes


5 thoughts on “Grey Eyes”

    1. Thank you it was hard to get through

      Many times when I was writing My Story it was so surreal like onion peeled back layers where the skin and fresh and infant.

      No matter what you over come others when they say time heals everything is nothing more than fucking mirage of deception trying to make sense of their own feelings. When truly they got no fucking Goddam idea what your going through.

      Ppl say we all had shiet happen to us …..

      Clearly you again have no fucking idea what it’s like to have Complex C and how it’s a Night Stalker that continues to come take and take ,piece by piece of the Real you.


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