Drowning inside Your Mind

We are all faced with this constant reminder, being told you’re not good enough or you will never make it…

The fight is not from what face us but greatest war waging that will make you think there is no point pushing back wages within .


There are times when you can feel like the walls are caving in around you, unable to draw breath from constantly being pushed under just when you feel you can breathe. Draw life into your lungs is nothing more than illusion your mind is greatest adversity and keeper of your most intimate thoughts and experiences. It will do everything possible to smash you into ashes of ruins, all that remains is empty corrugated dust with nothing more than penumbra fragments left in the air. When the shadows of doubt cast their seeds of empty promises and broken thoughts of failure from agonizing suffocation of defeat. Your mind will tell you to leave me be let me just linger into shattered pieces,

Your body will say the hell with that tell you to keep going the truth is that all comes down to you and your will to want to live, life is the hardest testament to life and when you get, knock on your ass and it cracks you rocking every aspect of your shattered body…



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