Feeding the Darkness

Ashes of Dark Sins

There comes a time, when our sins have burned so many bridges once was intense fire now lingers embers of ash smouldering foundation of our very souls Where there used to resemble life you look back and see the ruins of all that remains from all fucking bridges you burn leaving carnage in your wake to take what you want not giving a shit about blood stained on your hands. You’re one ruthless cold hearted son of bitch Power is all you desire and those that fear of crossing your path.

From the path of Darkness falter into shadows that now sustains grey vast of images of death. Blood of others consumes your hands knowing that your day of reckoning will come to pass its judgment it’s too late.

To take back wicked deeds that fills your heart with penumbra, life is a real cold and unforgiving son of a bitch. From good intention was consumed by the influence of poison that fills your veins with venom bite by bite from ill transgressions that has snuff out decimation of the innocence.


Where do you go from here or have you gone pass a point of no return?

E.O.S/ Primal Repr

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