Act of Valour

True Leader

Being a true leader does not mean you are not without scars or flaws some wounds remain open no matter how much , others tell you time heals everything that nothing more than deception of feel good words.

Essence of leadership isn’t about perfection but precision in how you execute your conviction through your action to inspire others to ascertain their best to take you beyond what you think is your limits .

Mind will tell you I’m done I got nothing left that just you saying….. I QUIT !

Your body says no we got this keep going we all have storms raging some surround us others rage within us trying to shatter you into fucking nothing don’t ever surrender to the

(S T O R M)

Alpha is the leader because they are not afraid to sacrifice themselves in the act of valour for others. When others are struggling to draw breath into their lungs only be purge back into the belly of Brimstone suffocating any signs of life .

Never turning your back but showing a hand to others to say no your not alone together we can get through this, well they staring down their own demons, addictions, decays No will ever be left behind I always keep fighting until my last breath cease to be no more Death comes for me so beat it. I will not make it easy for you, You sadistic twisted son of bitch

That is what a (TRUE LEADER ) means

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