Two Faces of Darkness

“Sometimes you live long enough to see yourself go from being an unsung hero to hated villain.

That all you leave in your wake is suffering, torment, trying to think your good guy. The truth is,” accepting your villain; you know you’re not trying to be someone that is masquerading real. When many of these so-called heroes say they always try to proclaiming justices without thinking of themselves are living in self-deception. The human element, no matter how much you bleed, be ripped apart will never be good enough because people are selfish and think of their own needs and greed. Seen as a hero today to only become unwanted.

Madness is like Gravity all it needs is a little push

Because they had to possess and have darkness within so to say the hero is the good guy and villain is the bad guy, not that simple there’s far too much more complexity.

It Darkest just before the Dawn: ” In being the villain “you know the actions you’re capable of, the darkness that lives within where the beast lives and breathes” Is what you are and villain will always mirror the reflection staring back into their eyes, the venom that courses through their veins

The Villain”, The bad guy has many faces there’s always Two sides to the schism of reflection we all put on masks for many reasons often it’s to hide our true identity who we really are.

Where lies the grey matter of Two Faces.

E.O.S-Primal R.e.p.r

5 thoughts on “Two Faces of Darkness”

    1. Exactly so are heroes truly real or fragments of deception to create a flawless reflection without accountability.

      How are you today hope yours was better then mine . The Roller Coaster was unrelenting gruesome bitch today I was so drained and exhausted.

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