Feeding the Darkness

The Ice Gladiator

The game you once loved where you were seen as Gladiators


Being a Professional Athlete: It can be gut-wrenching to be demanded to perform at the highest peak level. Despite many have no idea what is going on in your life, they only see the Athlete not human being. Cases like Ray Emery, Rick Rypien, Wade Belak Joe Murphy, most recently Patrik Berglund. You have no right to judge because unless you are in a crisis yourself how could possibly know what its like to be consumed by” Grey Eyes”. The cold sadistic truth is many don’t get the help they need because of the cause and effect of the Gladiator outweighs the moral compass and decision making of the human being …Whoever wants others to look at them differently and tell them you’re no good anymore, you don’t have what it takes to play no more ……How fuck are you suppose to be okay with this and accepting someone saying we’re going to cut you!

The athlete will always have more value an invested interest than a human being the Son, Daughter, Father, Mother, the Person”.

This why being an Athlete to live or die for a moment “that is not yours but spectacle for others to be entertained and their pleasure costing so much more than just win and losses but ultimately lead to your own self destructing demise going down in a blaze of glory will always come with tormenting, agonizing sacrifice in many cases they don’t live to proclaim their legacy . Where others endured and suffering from catastrophic consequences which are far beyond death after the game has become an empty void without appreciation, restitution. The game you once loved where you were seen as Gladiators admire and cheered on in the Colosseum now are left with shattered memories of once was is no more and time eats away at what is left with its decaying asphyxiating clutches waiting for your last breath flow into your lungs.

Smouldering ashes of existence is all that remains from broken shattered  Mind & Body


3 thoughts on “The Ice Gladiator”

  1. Powerful post Alex, and very true. Humanity fails to recognize the human behind the image.. the trials of life builds the gladiators out of all of us, who survive such storms, yet the audience fails to notice the human being underneath.
    Real people are flawed, and built from the flames that burn them in life’s trials x

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    1. Thanks Kelly I know what its like to have so much demanded of you , being athlete and playing very competitive including pro rugby . When I was playing in season sustain a stinger in my shoulder and collarbone . If I was younger there is no way I would pulled myself outta the pitch but when you see what’s important and matters most it opens up eyes , to the realization of what you mean to others . But like I said many times you see where Athlete always has more value and investment then human being . I been very lucky because I always played cerebral had only 2 concussions ironically both were in practice grade C but many times I would tell my mates that your health is not worth leaving to rolling the die.

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