Feeding the Darkness


Hell’s Eyes

Deep within ghostly fog ,lies silhouette holding the instrument of Your agonizing death.

The thought of soon realizing how close the events will unfold. To see my razor reflecting your glowing caressing skin. Knowing soon I will feel your lustful vintage flowing through my hands as your life drains as your eyes are corrugated and soulless. I been fixed on being so close to you, unbearable need to have your every aspect of essence it asphyxiates, tormenting my mind need to feed my hunger. .Hidden in the corner of darkness in your worst nightmares I await to end you , nothing more then forbidden desires to ravishing your flesh. When unleash my rage and sadistic pleasure to fuel my blood with essence of the lambs I ‘v slaughtered , but you will be a dish to savor and enjoy every heart pulsing moment knowing I am going to take everything from you and give nothing back .

Without warning the shadow of Brimstone sends razor edge across your throat ripping you from ear to ear watching you waiting for your last breath ceased to exist with each passing second .As predator watches his prey aspirates on it’s own blood screaming out in silent terror ,waiting for your the last time you draw breathe knowing soon you be no more .Taking delighted pleasure ripping out your soul and perish it to hell dammed for all eternity.

Consume by lust fragrance of blood flowing out your veins into pool of dark rich vintage seduce by remains of the loss. Our time will be over soon salivate every detail enjoying seeing you filled with agonizing fear knowing there was no escaping that your life was mine.

The reflection of that seen as a man with human features is deceptive there is no light only animal with the killer instinct to tear apart anything and everything that crosses its path.

9 thoughts on “NIGHT REAPER”

    1. Thanks Eloise when I was thinking what Brimstone could be in pure Nemesis in flesh and blood the Night Reaper came to life ready to rip the souls and lavish in the blood of his lambs he slaughtered straight to Hell.

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      1. Absolutely I love when impact of my twisted envisions sends fear quivering down my audiences spines with blinding anticipation of the unknown.

        Like Crocodile lurking in shadow at the water hole waiting patiently to deliver your fate you may live to see another day or meet the Reaper.

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