Element of Essence

Silent Fury

I lay dormant close to you ” as you admire me with vast wonder of my exotic beauty but deep within you know inside is a ticking time bomb waiting to crush your dreams and shattered your memories into empty hands so all that surrounds you smoldering ruins where once was life now all you see is grey ashes of death and lost .

In distance You look at me with amazement but do not think for a second I am not to be respected because your life is my hands and my rage when unleash it will be walking through the gates of Brimstone . Every time I breathe your heart pounds with agonizing anxiety praying I will fall back asleep not my unforgiving rage of mass destruction . But its too because I am tired of sleeping time for all you anyone to stand in my path as I explode with violence try to oppose my will is suicide for there is no escaping just hiding and trembling in paralyzing fear hoping you will live to see tomorrow .

Life as you know will never be the same the scars I leave behind will always remain knowing how close I sealed your fate showing you what death looks like . My wrath has no mercy no forgiveness if you die you die .

As I cool down and the ocean brings me peace I fall asleep into coma once again until we meet again admire Pele the Goddess of Fire creation knowing how close I came to ripping everything away from you leaving” with nothing but shattered reflections of broken thoughts and acts of brutal violence.

Tick Tock …..BOOM !


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