Transition to Evolution of Self

The Reaper’s Game

Everyone thinks we all have good intentions and maybe there is partial truth behind that but sometimes the darkness within feeding our hunger for spawn chaos is in agony wanting to come out and play .

Its like playing a constant game of Russian Roulette as the Reaper is always playing against your odds hoping the gun explodes with smoke from being fired and you are no more . Monsters are all around us and so many go seeking out nemesis the truth is it lives within . The caged you lock your violent intentions to cause mass destruction to everything in its wake wants to be set free .

Wants out ,once it has breathe and smell the essence of life feeling the blood coursing through its veins with venom and brimstone in your eyes

” Its Time to play ”

Pandora’s Box is like finding yourself on blackice you know its surrounds you but you never see it coming before Hell has been unleashed with unrelenting vengeance .


4 thoughts on “The Reaper’s Game”

  1. “Just empty silence of turmiol of broken thoughts thinking what did I do to be here how could anything like her say I meant something and they love me.” Monsters speak with the smoothest of voices. Smooth enough to cut, smooth enough to just as readily flick the blade and clean it effortlessly for the next victim.

    Thanks for your testimony. Evil smiles. I don’t know why. But we that hurt know that our own smiles are just masks.

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    1. Thanks there are things you read in Feeding the Darkness that are so surreal but very much happen to me by expressing through my writing allows to confront and face Pandora’s Box infused with Venom .

      Many things I was subjected to no one should ever be purged into .

      There are 3 responses to Traumatic Events
      Fight/ Flight/ Freeze

      Depending on whether you are born a Wolf or sheep how you respond to adversity all falls on you and you are only one that can defeat …..YOU

      You either can rise from the ashes of ruins like blazing Phoenix.
      Or lay in the smouldering ashes reduced to dust as if they never taken shape.




      1. ❤💚💛 Thanks, man. And I didn’t disbelieve you for a second. I know this world can be cruel. Glad you chose to get through it, without letting it crush you to ashes, every day.

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      2. I know it can very surreal and agonizing mindfare how is it possible such pure nemesis has ability to breathe life .
        There are other segments to come as well I am working on adding more depth to
        Devil’s kiss of Death & the Viper wanting to blanket God’s green earth into abysmal of decaying chaos.

        Check it out

        Here is a summary of new integration I am working on

        Don’t hesitate to express your thoughts or expressionism.


        Age Unknown to be 25-35
        Place of birth Pretoria ZA
        Off the chart Intellect with pyschotic tendencies
        Highly cerebral very dangerous
        Several masters in Deadly Arts specialties Suchow Black Tiger Kung Fu and Mauy Thai
        Ex Mercenary Sec Ops South African ,guerrilla
        Background in both toxicology and Bio Science specialized in Venom Toxicity

        He has absolutely no form of remorse or emotional responses to his victims
        How and when he chooses his victims behaviourial patterns are unpredictable and cerebral

        Is very good at blending and its not the human element that gets him off but thrill of stalking his prey and fantasizing special cocktail of each one of his victims
        Note: He never uses the method of death twice
        No one knows what he looks like he could be in your sights and you would never know” he could be living in your neighbourhood you would never know .

        My advice count your blessings and that you’re still alive , because if the Viper knew you were closing in you would never see him coming and your life would cease to exist .

        How many victims will endured his sick sadistic, twisted game of death and venom in which he chooses there’s no coming back once he unleashes his cerebral attack.

        Matter of time as he watches you die in excruciating agony screaming for help is pointless trying to escape is useless your fate has been seal.

        Viper is always watching , stalking only matter of time as he watches patiently in the shadows ……

        He has no idea who his sister is or even that she is his blood I thought about infusing a twisted cliff hanger that she was one of his victims that manages to escape from the Viper’s clutches grip of death.

        And she even though her experience fractures her mind and life she decides to go into a career in law enforcement, and teaches Psychology into the Criminal mind at Uni in South Africa in Cape Town after finishing Marieka goes onto studying at Melbourne Australia to further her understanding of snakes and other venomous species that ever since she was little has fascinated her sparking curiosity and having fear being told stories that happen to others from Black Mamba attacks. 

        Now hearing a case that sparks her interest close to home a body was discovered of young Female  looks to be early to mid 20’s in a flat in west London c.o.d. unknown but it appears the victim died excruciating agonizing death.

        When will the unknown vicious hand of Death strike again clock is ticking…..

        Will the hunter become the hunted will Marieka find out twisted sadistic secret that she is closer to her then she realizes.

        Tick tock tick tock ….Beware what lurks in the shadows 

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