Act of Valour, Feeding the Darkness

Fire Storm Embers of Deception

Life can spiral out of logic and sustainability into severe chaos before you even realized every action has recoil followed by impacts of devastating consequences.

The the match is sparked and your actions from destructive decisions send everything and everyone around ablaze like wild fire spreading its inferno. You watched from afar “because you lack the will to see the domino effect , from your actions have laid ruins to.

Some bridges you scorched the earth there is no turning back or coming back from what was once pure and filled with joy now only rages on fueling your torment even further into despair of agony . Your only instinct that remains is laid to waste into ashes. Vengeance is what you seek for those done you wrong rip you of who you once were .

“I will see you Mommy dearest burn in Hell “

Those that did not see you as force to reckon with seek retribution from begging for your mercy. Will not see it nor be embrace by it for there is none to give . My suffering and agony you will endured. Know what they hold most precious and close to them.Watch as it wastes away into ruins of nothing but smoldering ashes of dismay.

My rage that fills me with everlasting consequences has no moral virtues of absolution but is driven by intensity to snuff out the light and any resemblance of joy you think you deserve when truth is death would be an act of mercy to such pure nemesis.

Every time you try to break me and snuff the life outta my very being , I resisted and would not submit into asphyxiation” of your clutches grip of empty death. I vowed you would silence me nor rip me to shreds your day will come. When there will be nowhere to hide or protect you as gutless , spineless coward you are . From the monstrosities you unleashed on me making me endured and cringed in tormenting fear.



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