Transition to Evolution of Self

Rising Phoenix

We all fall in life and find ourselves smashing into UN-movable force staring back at you saying I’m Not Going Nowhere ……YOU

When you are lost and feel empty “where the inferno was violent with intensity is no more, raw energy just corrugated stale ashes of silence. No one can say they are new life, you can be born again within; finding what you are made of and miles you walked in Devil’s playground of twisted sadistic cruelty. The agony that is turmoil decaying away at you with every breath you take, it feels like your suffocating as you aspirates the life from your lungs. Praying Reaper will deliver fatal blow that shatters you into never was seem merciful then living as grey eyes . Everything you touch or crosses your path is filled with toxic venom , erosion You think to yourself…. “What the Fuck I’m I Doing” ???? Why should I bother ,others would be so much better off without me.

To find yourself again you need to experience death and see the lights go out within ” when your struggling to know who you really are. You say I’ve done so much wicked deeds” have blood stained hands from those that suffer your agonizing existence. You wanted them to feel your torment dark desires. Opening up Pandora’s cold sadistic box that there is no turning back from , bridges incinerated into ashes of decay .Just as Phoenix rises from the ashes and breathes life, resurrected from the clutches of Brim Stone so can you “once you find yourself again you will never see the same reflection mirroring back at you .

Life can be cruel cold hearted unforgiving son of bitch , there are things we wish never to endured and survive “death would be act of mercy from Reaper drawing his fatal hand where we do not come back from the odds. Instead we continue to endured fates gamble of Russian Roulette .

We are never without scars and some wounds always remain open no matter what but as fire bird rises and the Phoenix burst into skies soaring with intensity feeling alive so can you .



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