Element of Essence

Poseidon’s Wrath

The God of Raw Power

Poseidon’s wrath is well known and experience firsthand look at the aftermath of Hurricane unleashing relentless hell on anything it teaches with hands of death. Tsunami comes when Poseidon smashes his hands of destruction into the ocean’s floor, into the Laurentian abyss .

(Water is the essence which all living things cannot be exiled from)

Feeling essence of raw euphoria coursing through veins, breathing life into you, filling your lungs with oxygen. The rush you get when riding Poseidon’s hands throwing endless earth shattering energy coming crashing down on you .

When You find your Element of Essence” it not only touches you. All the raw energy infuses into every aspect of your being, filling your veins. Coursing through your blood same power brings you breathless, also not respected will kill you without mercy .

Respect the unstoppable, unrelenting raw power that Poseidon fills the ocean with the moment you live for and willing to die (Poseidon’s Wrath) awaits you patiently to unleash his rage those that willing to die for choose your actions carefully for this game of riding his hand there is no reward for second place.


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