Act of Valour

Fighting to last Breath

Everyone has a defining moment to (Die or Live) knowing that you give it everything you got and your life could be no more.

Everyone always wants to be known as the Knight in shining amour,dawn to the darkness, but this is further from the awakening. That heroes come and go or live long enough to see themselves become the object of others’ pain and suffering. A real warrior knows what truly lives within and willing to die for honour.

Knowing each battle you wage reigns in acts of violence, there is no escaping from what you are, when your back is up against the wall and the foundation eroding beneath you. Choosing to live or die comes down to perseverance”the will to execute your actions into conviction.When you come for me don’t miss because your actions unleash a recoil effect which to gun for me and all that matters means you will die knowing there is no turning back .

You come face to face staring your adversary in their stone cold eyes knowing when you engaged the Reaper’s Hand awaits your lingering fate where there are no second chances .

One will rise & one will fall” if it is my fate to die in Honour rather do so standing then enslaved and live in disgrace on my shatter knees.

E.O.S- Primal R.e.p.r

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