Feeding the Darkness

The Shadow of Deception

When you cross the line of restitution” for absolution there is no coming back from your state of morality everything you done to remain true, When you see what reflection mirror’s stares into your eyes .

Who Are You Really

Everything you seem to touch no matter your intentions turns to venom, when you look and see yourself there is nothing. The costs you have accumulated from your voracious actions that will always be cocked with loaded consequences. Every action there is recoil effect which the Reaper anticipates your agonizing demise of suppression, so play the game that stacked the odds against you.

Many of us start out as honourable with valour but costs from your deadly actions will always infuse those closest to you with the most scars” You say I am doing it for the right reasons” the truth is… you’re lying to yourself how much selfish, sadistic son of bitch you really are. You say I do what I do to protect what matters most or to rid the world of evil. Your only in denial just how fucking cold you are and what your willing to do to hold ultimate crown P O W E R and strike fear into those that dare to stand your way, The carnage you leave in your wake to rising to pure dominance means fuck all.

Once you have penetrated your code accountability “You’re gone pass the point of return that everything that comprised your core is met with eroding decay of existence. When you look back on how many lives you shattered into nothing ripping families apart, your hands are stained with blood consumed by you as you take and take not giving a fuck. How could I’ve cause so much wreckage and burn so many bridges, correlation to the point you do not understand?

“Who the Fuck you are anymore” all that remains from your destruction is a trail smouldering ashes of mass the lives you taken. Your existence is haunting to you the wake of death from shattered reflections you tried to convince others you were genuine, but you are no more than a shadow that puts on masquerade to feed your lust for power and take whatever you desire.

You’re nothing but a Shadow of Deception loaded with deadly consequences of a mass destruction.

E.O.S=Primal R.e.p.r

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