Transition to Evolution of Self

Forged through the Fires of Precision

Everyday we struggle to keep our heads above water, I can testify to this endless fight first hand there are many things I have endured and been subjected to. Many have tried to rip me apart into shattered pieces of nothing. Guess what I am still here” you thought throw me to the pack “would smash me into ashes of ruins they come when I call” respect the Alpha:

You guess Fucking wrong

Every time those that tried break me, beat me and scar me into submission: I had no idea what it meant to have a conviction for your will to survive. I’ve walk inside the belly of Hell and came back stronger why because I matter and have value. So keep throwing me into the inferno” do everything you can to shatter me into fucking nothing. All the horrific affliction I was subjected to how many times when I wasn’t’ strong enough to defend myself you “it” You and your twisted, sadistic cold relentless, fucking bitch Ms Hyde try to do everything you could to extinguish my life. I became something that was stronger, resilient execute my actions into convictions as mind and body became as one entity forged into precision by shit hole where you tried to break me rip me into nothing more than just another tormenting reminder of Your lingering wicked destruction of monstrosities.

Every dip of persecution and torment you inflict on me I didn’t know “but I was transitioning into execution of precision forged by the fires of brimstone at the hand who is supposed to keep you safe and protect you like no other. You gave me life for that I am grateful because no matter how sadistic, voracious your games were that cause a mass of destruction vindictive down on me as if I was nothing but a means to an end until I wore out my use for your play time.

They forged the Sword into welding instrument of precision there are things moments, memories you rip from and have taken so much from rubbing my thoughts casting persecution of corrugated violent flash backs. There were many times I truly believe I was going to be massacred at your hand, Mommy dearest. You did so much to keep your twisted tormenting games a secret, as far to go when try to find help I was laughing it and tell stop telling stories. So Fuck You for that but every day its like constant roller coaster that never subsides, its constant fight to find me the real me there many days I see “Grey Eyes”

éirí ina chlaíomh de chiontú

Even though I’ve struggled the fact, I ride an endless roller coaster that never subsides” to find myself and accept the fact My mind has been shattered: by your actions “it” I am stronger than I was before and I have become the Sword of Conviction

Become the Sword


6 thoughts on “Forged through the Fires of Precision”

    1. Thank you it was literally hell I went through walking inside the brimstone’s fire there were many times I truly believe I was going to be murder.

      At the hands of mommy dearest aka Ms Hyde and Jekyll.

      After when I tried to get desperate help and was mocked and laughed at I knew it would be me and ME alone to fight for my life .

      Luas Dia i do thuras


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      1. You survived and you will be alright. Feel what you feel. It’s okay. Don’t let anyone try to quiet what you need to express. These healing in speaking truth. I’m sorry you had to endure such things.

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      2. Thank You Laura

        My writing is big part of the learning and adpating Some will say time heals everything …

        To me that is nothing more than deceptive mirage the truth is the Storm has taught me so much from each one that forms to trying to rip me into nothing.

        The Storm is where I learned to to live and why I am alive.

        Luas Dia i do thuras


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  1. Thank you Chocoviv glad you enjoyed

    I would be interesting in hearing your thoughts, feel free to share testimony on what you correlate from Evolution of Self

    Remember Feed your hunger find the RAW YOU !




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