Act of Valour

Caught in the Storm of Dismay

We all get rocked at some point many storms that take shape are formed by your ill forgotten transgressions that Karma she has a crude way of getting your attention. Doesn’t care what crisis you’re in or how hard you hit rock bottom, when you take risk and wager war in the Reaper’s game you are never left unscathed.

The Reaper waits with anticipation to see You play his game where life is the stakes All or Nothing:

Rest assured to survive deadman’s hand you will know and experience what it feels like to be shredded into complete wreckage” so that all remains is shattered reflection.

Lets Play

Will you live to see another sunrise beyond the horizon or will you wager a hand you cannot win” the deck is already stacked in fate’s hand. Fate waits for no one doesn’t give a fuck about you what you lost, suffer, has no problem ripping what you hold closest to you. Your clocking is ticking ,” tick… tock…

There are no second chances before you wager better be willing to die and reign in Hell to see the Dawn again, some things you can only learn from enduring. No matter what you do or how many times you rise after from falling. You will always be the spawn of death in someone’s story.

Рука Жнеца всегда будет взведена и загружена.

Reaper’s Hand will always be cocked and loaded.

E.O.S- Primal R.e.p.r

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