Transition to Evolution of Self

Where is the Sense of Accountability To Yourself

For many, does the Truth really matter? Or do they want to have selective information! Truth is never without consequences are you willing to accept what, others will not.

It is said knowledge without intellect leads to dismay and chaos so many think your so-called education is what it is top of the mantel. The real crude truth is they treat you as information puppet that others dictate and pull your strings … WHY because your act will to act have been eroded. When we stand for what matters others say HEY, you can’t do that …..Why because what they have taught to you is just” or the real truth is that you been fed lies of fucking deception.

You need to decide are you Wolf or Sheep



4 thoughts on “Where is the Sense of Accountability To Yourself”

  1. Bottom line is DO YOU! and quit pleasing the society. When you want to take a bigger step they tell you, you can’t! just because they can’t or they don’t believe in you.
    The first step to courage is believing you can and go for it.

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    1. Anytime if through my words inspire others to find their execution for conviction. Then I ‘ve started a fire to transpire to find the RAW You !

      I am grinding in the trenches of a True Leader this why I am the( A P E X )


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