Feeding the Darkness

The Roller Coaster Affect

There is no getting off ” sit back and endured twisting , sadistic fucking ride whether you embrace or not its” gunnin right for you and no one or anything is going to fucking stop it.

The Roller Coaster is relentless life sucking bitch that will take everything from you the true you” crushing all that matters before your eyes into silent aspiration. Its like the changing of weather can very unpredictable I can attest to this first hand.

There are times you can be living in the moment enjoying that high with exhilartion only to have the presence of your solid foundation being eroded by quick sand”

Sudden chaos into dismay

So you learn to take it as it comes The Roller Coaster can be unforgiving and relentless ride straight from hell. If you let it, it will take everything and rip you from yourself asphyxiating the true you into silent terror saying I quit is not option.

You Matter , Your Life Matters

2 thoughts on “The Roller Coaster Affect”

    1. I appreciate your words of inspiration

      I’m sorry you endured as well when tried to reach for desperate help I was mocked and laugh at. I knew if I was going to live it would be ME to keep fighting and pushing back.

      You want to talk or someone to listen to know your not alone I’m there.

      Everyone thinks a true leader is define by perfection but its precision of your acts of valour well waging your own storms yet still helping others find their foundation.

      Thank you Cara

      Luas dia I do thuras



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