Constant State of Quicksand

Your mind can be a wondrous vast place of unimaginable knowledge and can amount to greatness. It can for some also be a place of twisted tormenting existence agonizing suffocation, where you are mirrored state of affliction. When you look into transparency, there’s no reflection of what you are, to what you are now.

Being the constant state of feeling the overwhelming that no matter how much you try to keep your head above the water. The weight of dismay is submerging you deeper into the depths of Marianas’s Trench, where no one can hear your silence of aspiration.

The insanity can dominate your mind and your every awakening thought the greatest challenge in your testament in Life will come from yourself. Life is truly amazing experience and gift to be granted but it can also be unforgiving, gruelling sadistic son of bitch. You think the world will care if you suffer or your life is no more ….guess again!


The further you fall, the more others will await to pick you apart and use it to their own agenda. You need to decide if can endured because nothing I repeat nothing is ever given in Life worth fighting for its earned including your Life.

Whether You weather the Storm” coming to unleashed Hell on you means you will be beaten, broken , shattered, bloodied left for the Reaper to unveiled your sealed fate.

Say fuck that I matter and will fight until I have nothing and I take my last breath.

E.O.S- Primal R.e.p.r

11 thoughts on “Constant State of Quicksand”

    1. Thanks Mate

      It’s how I live my life constantly having my back up against the wall . Trying to survive the constant Roller Coaster Affect.

      Some days are better then others where some are twisted and unbearable.

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      1. I appreciate it knowing there are others that sending inspiration. No matter how much the struggle I endured never subsides nor dissipates.

        But no matter what I will never surrender I will message you later on facebook there has been a lot going on with me.

        Luas dia I do thuras James


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  1. The mind can be a wonderful and terrifying place, often both at the same time. We as humans have an amazing gift. The gift of forgetting how bad thing were. Memory blurs and softens with time and we forget how much it hurt to hold our hand in the fire. But some things… through trauma or betrayal are engraved with crystalline clarity. And those are the things that keep us awake at night.

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      1. Haha laughter is good for soul as music speaks to it.

        If we are too afraid to have one of those moments and laugh then how can we honestly say were truly living life.

        Luas Dia i do thuras- God Speed in your journey.



  2. Thanks Wendy hope all is with you

    Did have a chance to read My Story I know its very surreal but also has forged me into Alpha I am. Add to intensity of writing as you say Intoxicating and terrifying, riding the roller coaster that never leaves you be and at times is very cruel and tormenting mother fucker. But it will never make me submit and be shattered onto my knees of broken glass so the foundation around is eroding into dismay.

    I thrive off that many see as the unpredictable:

    I am the Crocodile

    Like Crocodile lurking in shadow at the water hole waiting patiently to deliver your fate, you may live to see another day or meet the Reaper.



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