Transition to Evolution of Self

(Alpha) Guardian Watcher

Alpha will never back down or stray away from keeping watchful eye over his pack” no matter how much bigger the challenge is retreat or surrender is never option. Alpha knows that when time comes to lay his life down either Rise or Fall , fear of death means nothing because you never wager in war unless your willing to accept your fate.

True warriors are not born they are forged from blood to blood pass on through their legacy of the ones who’ time has set the changing of the Guard. Alpha will always be the one his pack looks to for perseverance the actions and decisions he makes will be a great testament of a true leaders conviction. Only those that are selected that are strongest worthy of this honour” this why within hierarchy there is a chain of command to be respected those that try to test Alpha will always find out why they are as such and to take on the Alpha means rivals are willing to die.

As the watchful Guardian Alpha will always stay alert aware looking for threats those that oppose or threaten the survival of his pack find out that to cause me harm is one thing but to gun for my pack make sure when you ascertain your assualt don’t miss because I will stop at nothing to rip you apart into shreds. Until my breath is no more the Alpha will keep coming bringing the relentless reign of war where wager is blood for blood and there is no such thing as second fucking chances.

I’m never without fear but my adversary will never use that as vice against me thinking you have the upper hand because I have my pack is weakness guess again. In the end I will always walk the greatest testament to my conviction alone , but I also know the source from which the execution of valour comes from my pack.

I Am The Watchful Guardian when those have come to take what matters most better willing to die because in this stand off there is no walking away or retreat blood for blood so choose your actions very wisely.


12 thoughts on “(Alpha) Guardian Watcher”

    1. siga el al final de la publicación abajo dirá seguir haga clic en eso
      Gracias por el apoyo

      follow the to end of the post down below it will say follow click on that
      thank you for the support




    1. Thank you Eloise

      Just wanted let you know things are progressing well with the Viper and Devil’s Kiss of Death I am working on finishing the back story of all the characters.

      I am the Crocodile at the water hole !

      Luas dia I do thuras


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