Feeding the Darkness

Deadly Temptation

You look with amazement knowing how close your’re staring at death face to face exotic but forbidden to caress . A touch so soft but loaded with deadly consequences.

Waiting in anticipation the Reaper lurks in the shadows of chaos, dismay the pheromones of intoxication from her forbidden essence awake your senses wanting to taste her. Unknown to you she is cocked and loaded with fatality” a woman that memorize you with her scent luring you into her twisted game of seduction. Be careful what you thirst to desire , some vintages there is no second chances of coming back from redemption.

What you desire and envious to have be careful what you wish for some forbidden fruits carry loaded consequences. Women know how to play and dance the sway of seduction to seducing your darkest and deepest desires of raw euphoria. She magnetized you with her eyes as Cobra being serenaded by the snake charmer. She is anticipating wrapping her coils around you squeezing every breath from your being.

The taste of her luscious , moist wet lips make your body quake with erotic euphoria wanting to caress every inch of her body starting with her lips working down to grasp her silky legs that feel like the been nurtured by the essence of the sun. But what you fail to realized this is sensation that there is no coming back from” to touch her so gracefully means your fate is certainly sealed.

Kiss of Death Awaits You


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