Act of Valour

Ghost of the Samurai

Ancient scared craftsmanship of forging Katana into essence of the pure heart of a warrior is one precision down to every last detail. Warrior and Sword become one in spirit and body binded together as one.

To create a sword of such honour so Meiyo ,Yu become as one with warrior and heart it takes 36,000 times to ensure there is no weakness, no cracks of fragility. It’s said the Katana in the hands of those that weld it represents the Light to spawn presence of impurity and wicked deeds. Some of the deadliest of the Samurai assassins were women, not men, they would have tender touch and pheromones of mist surrounding a locust but would strike without mercy with deadly stealth of a viper. As the sword fills you with venom from their vicious bite consumes your blood with toxins seeing the life draining out of your air, leaving your lungs until you draw your last breath. When Samurai time will come to sacrifice dying in valour wage in Hell is their greatest honour to ascend to .

There is no escape all that remains for you have been chosen to die in honour if you are worthy of that death. Always beware, for the viper is cerebral, awaiting its time to attack and infuse toxins deep into your frail flesh .

Death and Life are intertwine for Warrior Samurai they Live&Bleed for that moment when their time is no more.


2 thoughts on “Ghost of the Samurai”

  1. Yeah, that last line is a sit and think-er. Really powerfully probes me in ways I feel good. Such as my daily suffering being exalted to the image of a warrior who breeds and survives and sweats in death. Thanks. Fuck death? Why not slice it with a blade! Why not make a sharp steel out of the material of the bodies of each victory? Each body adding on and making a large-ass, impenetrable sword.

    This is metaphorical and not promoting homicide of course.

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