Act of Valour

Ka mau tonu to tatou rangatiratanga

Khal Drogo

What it means to have legacy of the blood from 10,000 vanquished warriors coursing through your life force.Goes far beyond just the pitch but is forged through blood the sacrifices that are made to live and die in every moment defines what it means to be Maori.

i ahu mai i te taonga tuku iho o te toto

So you want to know what it means to be a Maori Warrior

Goes far beyond the pitch forged through by legacy of the blood through their ancestors that reaped their proclamation into fertilizing the island with their essence.

To Live,Breathe,Die

In act of valour the cerebral psychological mind fare would reduced adversaries to believe they were of acceptance to stand before the All Blacks.

They went into waging war believing that the battle would be proclaimed failing to realized they already were smoldering in the ashes of ruins, because the that war had already been lost.

kohurutanga tuutuu i te wa e rite ana koe ki te whawhai ki te pakanga tino nui o te hinengaro he mea nui

Cerebral Assassins when you prepare to wage in war superior state of mind is vital

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