Feeding the Darkness

Inferno of Chaos

Feel as the Scars burned Deeper

We are all memerized by fire and watch it come alive as it consumes and breathes life touching everything that embraces it. As the flames move carry their essence seeing how it flows that to proclaim its exisistence started from a source to take shape.

When you play with fire don’t ever think there isn’t going to be repercussions for your actions” Fire knows no remorse, pain, dismay it will keep engulfing everything that crosses its path. Until there is no more a sustainability of consumption to Life:

When you ignite the destructive consequences without giving a damn about your fucking actions never think that those are closest to you are without scars. When you set your wicked transgressions in motion there is no turning back bridges , relationships will be burned and reduced to smouldering ashes .

The world doesn’t owe you nothing nor does fucking care what agony existence you’re living or how entrenched you are in a living Hell. Begging just to be put outta your pathetic misery , when you lose all what use to make logical sense is closing in on you and you desire to embrace the flames watching as it consumes and suffocates all that surrounds you , memories will be no more soon it will embracing you with violent seduction as it sets the stage for its grand finale just for You.



6 thoughts on “Inferno of Chaos”

    1. It can be Fire has many reasons and resources

      For example it can breathe and draw energy from oxygen just like us needs to breathe.

      It can enlighten us with warmth or take everything ripped away from us.

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