The Storm is Coming

Prepare as you see on the horizon a monster that has finally come to reaped havoc and reign down Hell. Try to take everything and everyone that matters to you shattered into nothing but broken and battered scared memories. There is no hiding you can try to run from the chaos awaiting to unleashed mayhem

You will know and be engaged by her wrath she does not fucking care what struggles or how much your life is entrenched in complete tormenting dismay. Those that embrace and wager themselves to endured and execute their actions into conviction staring right back at you waiting for your last breath to evaporated as the oxygen abandons your lungs.

The choice to stand your ground will you see long enough to see the Sun appear after the another Storm leaves nothing but a mass of destruction in its wake or will you be another shattered , broken shadow of lost soul proclaimed by its reign of Hell.

Mother nature will take everything from you and give rude awakening that nothing ever is within your control to think so.. you’re living in a fucking mirage . Leaving you to pick up fragments of the remains from the broken pieces that live to see another dance after playing the Reaper’s game awaiting to seal your fate. Never think that when you wager with the Storm and play the Reaper’s game there is no second guessing either its all or nothing odds of surviving are never on your side.

Some Storms are from our own hands so when they come to rip you into shreds there is always a recoil affect from your actions loaded with consequences.


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