Transition to Evolution of Self

Precipitation of a Second Chance

When the Storm comes reigning down its raw power it washes away all the transgressions of regrets , dismay we have cause or afflicted onto others. Allowing others to have a chance to seek pence for redemption but some sins there is no fucking coming back from.

There’s all the things a lot of us regret “or the guilty conscience consumes you eating away like cancer festering inside of you. They say that no matter the truth will always set you free but that is nothing but fucking mirage…If you truly believe this then you’re living inside of fantasy bubble of disillusions.

There somethings there’s no coming back from and why should you when you do dark actions of unforgettable , unforgiving consequences who the fuck are you to ask for absolution!

Life reminds you of your voracious actions of dismay

When you have the blood of innocents stained all over your hands think twice next time you wager against the Reaper’s hand because when you gamble against fate its all or nothing there is no second chances to wash your Nemesis away.


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