Feeding the Darkness

Twisted Affliction

The sound of serrated blade scraping and grinding against the quarry walls

Makes me cringed with agonizing torment” as nails ripping across a chalk board

In the shadows, I hide into the solitude of numbing comfort that embraces me with welcoming arms.

As the lingering penumbra presence where there’s only corrugated sounds of silence

Praying not be found and be cast into the spotlight become prey as they call out my name.

Tormenting , twisted intentions of affliction longing me to indulged their fucked up game of loaded consequences praying for it to just end.

Trying to silence me into submission of everlasting slavery, of earth shattering mirage of hopelessness.

The smell of smouldering smoke snuffing out the oxygen to my lungs with every breath I take.

I lay and pray in the fray of solace from my abyss of darkness in isolation of being just a ghost hiding inside the shadows of solitude.

As they mocked , laugh at me with their sinister jestures afflicting at me

I lay and pray not wanting to be found or thrashed into the spotlight unrevealing from the comfort of my slumber.

Nothing last forever so I keep fighting for my will to conviction of engaging from the trio of twisted animosity.

You torment my body trying to break it scar me , ripping me into shattered deed of fucked up desires God forbid your secret be reflected.

But no matter how much H E L L you reign down on me



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