Feeding the Darkness

The Awakening of All Hallows Eve

You look, and stare at the monstrosity eyes hoping there’s sign of Life where there is nothing

Only primal image lurking in the distant shadows of death

That knows no sense of human nature of what it means to feel a living soul of the beating from quaking heart pulsing

It appears to you as flesh and blood there is connection to correlating the grasping from caressing touch

The Primal urged inflicting mass destruction, violent mayhem suffocating any glimpse of hope

Grasping the serrated blade in its hand overwhelm with wanting to penetrate every aspect of your terrifying senses ,

Climaxing the Primal Predator lusts to watch the blood ceased from your veins is so unbearable the arousal is taking over from all its senses.

As the knife thrashed deeper into your into your fragile flesh as razor schism through hot butter ripping your soul out over and over again

Watching as your legacy drains and soaking the life outta of you to be no more

The tantalising fear praying you will awake from this visceral nightmare

Only to realise it’s , only matter of when before your soul will be castrated in tormenting agony

Where no matter how much you scream is paralysing silent terror, no one will ever hear your last words of fear

Awaiting to shattered what remains of your lost decaying soul is the belly of Hell’s Fire

Death has come to aspirate all reflections of joy and emulating light that fills you with life to blanket and consume you with welcoming of the Hand of Death

The dawn of seeing the light will never come to pass for you for all eternity the air once filled your lungs and your heart full of Life now is disintegrated as lifeless discarded organ

The Spawn of the deepest trenches of Brimstone has come to unleash its acts of absolute, brutal affliction from its cerebral nightmare


4 thoughts on “The Awakening of All Hallows Eve”

    1. Thanks Laura ,

      Primal instincts of lustful killer decayed from any signs of emotional responses to humanity.

      The Perfect Storm of violent consequences forged by one driven action to ascends others to anguished death of thirst that never quenches.

      Happy Halloween



      Liked by 1 person

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