Act of Valour

Ghost of Shadows from the Fallen

This is Tribute I write in Honour of My Father and others that make sacrifices to rid the world of evil cockroaches and why we have the freedoms we do.

Thus We go into the ghost of shadows of the forever night

Those of us will remain no more the blood that was shed. For other’s tears will be led by sorrow our stories will never be forgotten.

We made a cry through the night to stare into thee unknown abyss of darkness, to vow never to be silent or astray away nor abandon. For bare to bring birth of enlightenment in eternal peace, We Remember Always. (ApeX)



12 thoughts on “Ghost of Shadows from the Fallen”

    1. Thank you like I said I have learn so many lessons in Life from him he forged no quit attitude no matter how hard something is you never quit….regroup yes but you embrace the suck and do whatever you need to , to get the task , job assignment done.

      So for me whenever everyone decides to throw in the towel I don’t know how it’s not in my DNA.

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    1. Awesome it’s really penetrating the lyrics in its Raw deliverance. I love David Draiman and disturbed.

      This was tribute I wrote in honour of my Father and stand he took against tyranny and injustice. He unlike others was lucky to make it back home but for many their decoration of Valour was met with ultimate sacrifice in the name of Freedom.

      I wish I could honour his legacy and follow his path but due to things outta my hands that just not in my cards anymore, I’ve had to make many changes.

      So I take things now Day by Day as it’s all I can do.

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      1. Thank you and it does where that is I have no idea but if I can help others a long the way find their purpose and execute their actions into conviction.

        Then I ‘m grand with that because no matter the Hell I walk in or how many times the Storm tries to RIP me apart I will never stop fighting to find the Raw Me again to my last breath.

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