Act of Valour

The Day Skies Reign in Blood

For many there was no saying no to take up a stand to fight for your freedoms and sovereignty to be a nation full of pride.

So they took to the skies and to corrugated beaches fill with empty silence of decay, not aware of the hell of dismay awaited them with open arms to unbearable thirsts to watch you bleed and your lives snuffed out.

Knowing that for many they would never see home or taste Mom’s homemade cooking again they choose to act in valour to stand against the unjust to let tyrants know that we will not go quite into the night and stop fighting for our right to live free. November 11th marks the day when remember ultimate sacrifice those brave men and women that wage in the gates of Hell to fight the right many nations have today.

Freedom is never free it always comes with cost and never leaves you unscathed with the scars physical and hidden one’s penitence you endured all in the name of Freedom and Honour.


4 thoughts on “The Day Skies Reign in Blood”

  1. Whenever I think of those young boys who went so innocently to fight and then saw the most unspeakable horror, had to see comrades obliterated it makes my heart ache.. We must never forget their struggle.. so much of it got buried and carried when they came home.. I am so glad you wrote this post Alex..

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    1. Yes, many come home only to be seen as ghost covered in ashes.

      The sacrifices they made in the name of freedom so many take, for granted are not worthy to be given in the first place.

      Vets deserved more and better

      laus dia I do thruas



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