Resurrect Me Back to Life

Sometimes it’s so hard to fucking breathe feels like my heart will stop beating no more

Looking into the mirror it’s not me I see I wish it was as I used to be

I feel so fucking lost that every moment I am fighting to regain the Real Me

I’m fighting to find my stride again where is the Real Me used to be

Just when I think I’m gaining traction, I met with fucking erosion

The peace that so many have I’m envious to see again instead of constantly met with uncertainty

Stuck in a state of Grey Eyes when will I see me again… be able to take a breath in without feeling a loose snuffing out piece by piece of the Real Me

My Life used to have meaning I could see… all that surrounded me now is all I see numbing shadows staring back at me.

Fearing death is not within me, I embrace it with open arms

Have the inability to stand on my own because my feet will not let me

Laying helpless well night stalker mocks me feeling the strength drain from me

My veins are heavy with lifting constant uncertainty will I be free to see the Real Me I don’t know when that will be.

Resurrect me back to Life from a cast of shadows that now reveals to me who I’m I… what I used to be now see a mask of Grey Eyes God help me, I feel so empty.

To fight what matters most to You.. means you need to walk through the gates of Hell and endured, The Storm that awaits you

They take and take, always wanting…more from you

The wager is all or nothing

What is up for the ultimate score is your soul

Will you live or die and fight what is worth fighting for

Will you rise to see you standing strong again

Be lost in the emptiness of smouldering all alone

Fight to bring me back to Life


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