Winter Whisper of the Wild

The calling for the wild from the raw esssence that flourishes within cannot be tamed from the her fierce nature of dominance. The wind of howls in the distant pale moonlight awakens her quaking heart as animalistic urges come alive, prowess to hunt. Ecstasy wanting to quench her hunger takes over correlating to her senses. Blowing of snow caresses her face like falling crystals of purity.

Alpha Queen commands her realm with respect and power those who remain loyal stand by her side are honour to have such a reigning Alpha she makes it known that never mistake her kindness for weakness or elapsed of judgement because that would be a fatal with loaded consequences.

She does not fear her fate embraces as she knows that her time will come “and that legacy she leaves behind will live on enriched in her essence of life. When the children of night are summon by her they come when called there is nothing she will not do for survival of her pack .

Calling for Winter whispers always speaks to heart she is at home in her elements of fusion to which the taste of first snow fall entices her senses knowing soon the time will come again to engaged in the her primal urges to hunt and once again. Live or die for sacrifice needed to live on through her legacy. Her spirit will always remain as wild whispers in the Solace of the winter, until another changing of mortality seasons has come once more.

vinterens hjerte fyller sjelen med utemmet vill
hun er ett med landet og ulvepakken sin

E.O.S-Primal R.e.p.r

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