Feeding the Darkness

The Kryptonite of Lies (Hero)

So many run in fear and scorn to embrace the Darkness but Raw truth is it lives within whether you accept or denied it” E.O.S

This why so many afflict accountability from the Hero to Villain because it’s all the Villain fault they are so evil” !!!

Yet if you look at many so called heroes there only a few I see as whole and most humanistic filled with Dark intentions and flaws.

The Primal Predator was one driven by pure Killer Instinct consume the Humanity within the Man

Wolverine: One the most choatic characters because everything Logan came across try to embrace what it meant to live truly the primal Predator inside wouldn’t allow him that correlation of warmth and euphoria. The Human elements of Logan had many flaws and demons that consume him. The lives the Beast would take ripped the blood stain with the innocents wipe from the face of the Earth permanently. Nothing more than agonizing tormenting shattered fragments of constant remind of the mass destruction Wolverine left in his wake.

Yes he slayed and massacred the wicked and evil but Innocent were left smoldering ashes of fractured wounds from Rage that consumed him. That Beast would never leave him to rest in peace until he breathes his last breath into his lungs and Life filled with endless ensuffering is finalized.

The excruciating agonizing torment the Human ailments within him ravish his every shattered memory

In the end of his final chapter knowing that his time was coming to end. The Wolverine came alive for one last wage of War so those would be inflicted with his monsteronisty of the rage burned deep within.

Losing the love of his life Jean Grey ( Dark Phoenix)

The Night is Darkest just before Dawn

The Dark Knight – Outta all the super heroes he is most human characteristics- lost his parents to violence witness their murders in front of his young eyes. The state of Violence and Chaotic Conditions within Bruce Wayne molded him to becoming a Symbol in which adversaries trembled with fear at very sight. He became more than just a man as man he had weaknesses. Dawning the Cape and Mask made him Symbolic Reflection not just the Night Keeper to watch over to those whom preyed on weak but Guardian Protector

( The Dark Knight)

That Evolved and forge him through dips in the Fire into becoming the Dark Knight but does he always do the right thing or what is just ?

His Uncle Ben said this ” With great power comes great responsibility ”

Spiderman: Before he was bitten by radioactive spider that ended up mutating his DNA and genetic sequence, he was just that nerdy kid that always got pick on then when he was infused with his powers. Peter Parker could inspire himself to be more to make world around him a better place.

Does he always do the right thing no but does the Just and righteous will to act

This still reigns true and shows that without Accountability there is no Conviction

As Villain which I am through in and out as Joker said ” Every one goes looking for monster under their bed but they live within”

Another Joker stroke of genius is this:

Why should I apologize for the Monster you made me ”

I am Not a Monster just ahead of Curve Hahaha

So the fact when it comes to the Hero vs the” Bad Guy” nothing is as it seems in black and white in fact many shades of grey. The difference is unlike Hero lives in masquerade the Villain doesn’t try to be something they’re not “deny their Darkest intentions of who they really are.


3 thoughts on “The Kryptonite of Lies (Hero)”

  1. I do find this interesting but just because we get invested with the demonic energies of a parent or grand parents or great great grandparents shadow does not mean its the best thing to unleash that on the world. I understand why it happens the person is not to blame.. he is acting out of a state of possession from the unconscious or collective unconscious and he may be avenging those who were wounded so he is not ‘evil’ he is merely expressing through his actions or rage the full force of what he carried or what happened to his inner child. So in a way he is a kind of hero who is just expressing the shadow and may be taking the abusive perpetrators down ❤


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