Feeding the Darkness

Asphyxiation of Decay

Self Deception within: When you look into your reflection, all is that you see is an empty vessel with no sense of purpose or direction.

Asphyxiation of Decay

Eats way like an infectious disease consuming your life

Take all the good inside you suffocating you

with each breath, you grasp more you struggle to stay alive quicker you are drifting away into the abyss

Until you are no more just distant memory on the path of shattered dreams

Air leaves your lungs leaving lifeless fading away into Laurent abyss the asphyxiation of empty decay


Grey Waves into the Lost

The walls that used to be strong and firm are eroding from the decay the foundation once remain is crumbling more and more every day I am so lost in translation of what used to be trying to keep my head above every day seems to slip deeper into the abyss

No matter what I do the walls are closing in

I am losing myself more and more how will I swim or drown so many looked and see me for fraud I am why I keep lying to myself

I wish I could fucking tell you but I don’t Goddam know do I continue to fight live or die drown or swim

What is the fucking point anyway

I try to stop from seeing the grey waves taking me further into madness

Each day passes by seems more of what I am trying to keep dying more and more every day I can sense the walls closing in should I live or die drown or swim wish I fucking only knew what the truth to that was

I am so lost out in sea all I see is grey waves surrounding me

Will I ever find the shore as the lighthouse shows me the way back home again or I’m left in dismay and sink further and further from the shore being lost in the tides of Grey Waves (ApeX)

Storms in Life will rip everything away from you if you let it the will to act is your choice either fight or live and let yourself die..Say I Fucking QUIT


6 thoughts on “Asphyxiation of Decay”

  1. I’m not well now. I’m like the figure in the water. I’m drowning. I should change place where to live. But now I have to wait because of the Covid 😔


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