Motion of Vision that Tell the Story

Fragments That tell the Story (Motion of Vision)

I see the clock and the world surrounding, its so bleak and disdain all forms of existence have been smashed into ruins, And shadow of the masquerading image fights to keep grips of holding onto themselves yet everything around them is crumbling into oblivion.

face evaporating into dust soon to be nothing more than grains of sand. So many broken and shattered memories of things could been now lingering awaiting to aspirate. The world you use to know no longer has structure and validity each day passes by driving you further into the forsaken abyss that world doesn’t care about or even acknowledges you matter your life had value. As you choose not to recognized the acceptance to follow but stand alone and shun by the world that abandoned you.

World seem bleak the more you fight to keep dying light from consuming all that reflects the conviction, The many shadows you see are faceless as silhouettes lingering in absence of internal light, ensuffering and sacrifices you afflict the more your wings are ripped from you from tormenting agony of betrayal. You see around all the faceless motions where humanity is lost within in their own insidious minds the more you try to resurrect them back to catching the train the more they ripped out your wings wings wanting to anguished you. The victim becomes the murder, When you see and look at your reflection what mirrors back at you is callous and full of madness want to inflict so others feel your relentless dismay all the blood you bare means nothing what is the fucking point.

When you look at depictions of images they tell you more through their events of motion as you visualized deep within the story they will reveal…. WHAT DO YOU SEE

Evolution of Self – Primal Repr 2021

4 thoughts on “Fragments That tell the Story (Motion of Vision)”

  1. Unlike like many that shun the Dark the Darkness is why I am alive and how I was moulded by it to teach me to endured fight all I had to live.

    Many times I could have screamed only would fall on deaf ears, it is because of me and Darkness within that moulded without it I would not be alive, anyone try and tell me otherwise.

    There is those us embrace the Darkness others run from it and than those entrenched and entrapped in the dying light.

    Many that have been where I was never ever have their voices heard let alone their stories told.

    I take things day by day and I am grateful every day I draw breath into my lungs.

    As I said before there are things you will live through far worst than death knowing first hand what it is like being thrashed inside the gates of Hell.

    There was and is no place for weaknesses those that did went I through would’ve been chewed up and snuffed out by Pandora’s sadistic Box of twisted secrets.

    So no I ‘ m far far from okay but it is the the Storm teaches you to live and learned

    Saying time heals things is nothing more than fucking mirage of masquerading deception

    So you see why I have taken many dips in the fire but I am not without collateral damage

    No matter what I will never surrender or bow out of the fight.


    1. Oh really it is that grand its truly pleasure to call her my mate.

      Such a shining light to world never loses hope or faith in acts of humanity

      I am signing off before I go welcome you to check out my segment called Devil’s Kiss of Death

      It is a SK concept I was brainstorming and wanted to create lethal assassin in which the likes the world never seen before.

      He appears as man with flesh but acts primal instinct of predator sole purpose and desire is to blanket the world in death.

      The Viper is like no other serial you come across before those who do cross his path feed his raging hunger before they even know what is going on he has already injected them with his twisted cocktail of venom.


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