My Story

Not Old Just Older

Just want to take a minute and thank all those who continue to stand by and support me I want to wish every a great Weekend. As we all age it can be revelation of something you have earned not old ….Just Older little bit more grey and wiser

See you back in the office on Monday as I am taking the weekend off for my Birthday


Catalyst Ghost

I don’t know what to say

The words cut at me like a knife the things you’ve done I’m broken inside

The salt eats at me like infectious disease My mind is shattered from the broken pieces

Where the Real me use to be I wish you knew the Hell you Fucking put me through


My Words are laced with Venom when I dropped the Track like a fucking heart attack


GUESS WHAT…Fuck you I did survive you never will ever silence ME I remain alive because of ME

The pain and suffering thinking it would break me,shatter me turn me into shadow ghost the Real Me still stays convicted

As hunting ghost the catalyst all the things I want to say to prosecutor gunnin for you awaiting to be your executioner



Feeding the Darkness

Shadows are always close

Shadows are always close

The walls surround me
My lungs are filling with water and paralyzed drowning
All those that have forsaken me
I will not bow down surrender
Keep fighting until my last fucking breath
Shadows grace me as you run away screaming in fear I will not bow down ever fucking surrender to agony
The Shadows always will embraced Me

They are always Watching

Many go looking for monsters lurking under their bed when tormenting, cruelty that they choose to discard is they live within ApeX



Nominated for Liebester Award 2

I would like to thank Ankit for nominating me I welcome others to check out his site here is the link

What is your favourite book and why?

Sun Tzu the Art of War – Every one was always looking for adversary they can see and expect coming but you look at every major Reign of Power. Like the Roman Empire it was corruption within that eradicated the infrastructure.

What song do you currently have on repeat?

New Years Day – Monster

Which season of the year best describes you?


In an event of emergency home evacuation, what is the first item that you grab?

Hunting Knife

Which historical figure would you like to meet and why?

Sun Tzu or Tsukahara Bokude – The most cerebral and deadly Samurai ever to learn the way of the Warrior Bushido and Sun Tzu was the master of deception in strategic warfare.

Back to the past or forward to the future?

You should always look to the future but the way the state of the society is I see more and more I don’t fit the fold.

Your dream vacation?

Staring at Poseidon’s Hand me vs the Wall Monster on North Shore Ohu

The greatest movie of all time?

Gladiator or the Rock

Wealth or Health?

Wealth because without it you wouldn’t be able to have good health

Your proudest moment?

Becoming a Father for the first time ,close second would be knowing I survived against all odds the Hell I was thrashed into.

I nominate the following

Book or online reading

Introvert or extrovert

If you had a choice to live with music or pain which would you choose and why ?

Are you Wolf or Sheep

Would choose tell the Truth knowing it was wrong or do the wrong thing for the right reasons.

What is your Element Fire , Water ,Earth, Wind and Why ?

Do you see yourself as the Hero or the Villain and why

Do live like to know expected or anticipate for the unexpected

What is your way of relaxation from stress?

Fight ,Flight , Freeze which one are you when your up against

luas dia I do thruas


Feeding the Darkness

The Clay of Life

The Clay of Life

From the clay of inferno we were molded into the creation given LIFE

Awakening of embracing the Ray’s of Sun until the world surrounds us becomes undone

As we proclaim our last breath were the Sun will set and you will see no more

Into ashes we will lay as smouldering Amber’s where life once was is now a distant memory

The extinguished of existence in death new life takes flight soaring to the sun the hand of Icarus once more