Crimson Desire

Erotic Sin

She is that object of obsession the desire to lusting for what you cannot grasp wanting thirsting to ravish and gripped her naked flesh violent and erupt all her senses to bring her to violent climax but what so many fail to realised. Tried before you, she is Erotic Carnage of Sin, the forbidden possession. For a reason she is loaded with deadly consequences one taste of her velvet wet lips are absolutely lethal with venom. Perhaps the dark shadow stranger is wanting and lusting is the antidote to tame wild erotic Medusa or will be yet another prey victimised laid in her wake carnal annihilation.

You see her off in the distance through the smoky room she is mesmerising to you, the caressing and motion how she wraps her coils around cold steel Erotic goddess owns the stage and sets your blood on fire wanting to quench your lustful thirst. All eyes are gravitated by smell of her ecstasy scenting in the air ravishing your raw senses with climax. The thought of tasting her wet velvet red lips is tormenting the desire to have forbidden fruit no matter she is too wild for you to tame she will take you on one hell of unforgettable fucking ride thoughts of wanting her erotic sin is not without loaded consequences.

The invitation is not yours to send if she desires you she will have you and once she does be careful what you desire she can give you all, bring you to climax and at same time ripped your heart out leaving lifeless and somber.

She will seduce you with her eyes like serpent serenading blinding naïve prey to their fate she is as erotic and exotic with her essence longing to have her as many before you, desire only to be lying lifeless secretions of having tasted her venomous luscious lips.

Evolution of Self- Primal R.e.p.r/ Erotic Sin

Primal R.e.p.r

I am the Crocodile

African Proverb: Just because the water is calm and quite doesn’t mean there is no Crocodiles lurking.

Mamba huangalia kila wakati

Lurking in the shadows surrounded by a surface of black glass lies patiently awaiting those that are foolish enough to test the Reaper’s hand.

To come into my realm means you’re willing to die to wagering against me either you live to see the sun rise again and embrace you with its warm light or will you cease to take your last breath as I crushed the very life from you.

As you reaped closer the Crocodile can anticipate your close and sense your fear crouching ever so still not to arousal me with excitement. Luring me even more to the clutches of you ripped with anxiety and turmoil.

I strike with cerebral attack without mercy the water hole is never without fatal consquences and I will always hold you to that accountability when you play with the Reaper remeber his hand is always cocked and loaded. Just as my words are and the fear of the unknown from my actions being unpredictable is intoxicating and terrifying.

My execution is always stealth, cerebral assualt with loaded consequences know I will never show my hand or anticipation of my expression until the affliction of my words having creep into deepest thoughts of your cerebral cortex.

I am the Crocodile and when you enter into my domain there will always be accountability. Either you will survive to see another day when you come down to the water hole or your fate will be sealed and Primal Reaper awaits with voracious excitement knowing you were not strong enough to overcome the cerebral assault on your conscience to play all or nothing.

E.O.S-Primal Repr

Lacing Venom

Horizon Mist

Horizon Mist

I see her shores from far out to sea knowing she is calling me to come home back into her warming embrace the lighthouse will be my beacon to showing me the way back her green earth

Her soil enrich by the blood of slayed that fills your veins the many hidden untold legacies of stories fill the mystic she is the place so many warriors lay vanquished that have felt her earth beneath

Chorus: This is the Horizon Mist she holds deep magic within this is God’s Heaven on earth a place that calls me home to see her luscious mystic enchanting green beauty

No matter how many times I leave her or go far from home I know she always be inside my heart I know we are never part you are my shining compass to the fire I have for burning deep within my core

The amber quarry enforces your walls glimmers from reflecting light of the sun so when we are loss from your feeling your caressing your shores from the sea beneath my feet the fire I have for you will always show me back to highlands of the Horizon Mist a place I know dear to my heart a place she calls me to come back to her shores

tá mo chroí ag glaoch orm ar ais go dtí a cuid arm ionas go mbraithim ceo farraige ar m’aghaidh ag sileadh trí mo chuid fola

Primal R.e.p.r-2021

Feeding the Darkness

Masks of Me

This was something I wrote hoping to find someone to put music to the Story …..

Masks of Me

Masks of Me

So many sees the Smile are many masks of ME

you would be lying thinking there is a reflection of joy instead is just masquerading the pain

Through the faces of many masks to hide the broken remains, the crumbling void eating away inside of Me

What I used to be

Will ever see again

Chorus: No matter what, keep fighting to the end No Matter What

The Masks of Me mirrored what I used to be seems here to say as I am fading into unknown

When you look into the mirror, what do you see… the reflection of your Essence of Life” signifying your existence, or just the state of Grey Eyes coasting in the shadows.

E.O.S– Primal R.e.p.r

Lacing Venom

Mapping Stars through the Fires

The Nights I see now when I thinking of you how you remind of the Fires we shared watching as our lives were mapping through the stars

Mapping Stars through the Fires

Lately I’ve been stumbling to just get my feet out the door my head is spinning into a state of chaos when will this insanity stop

When life used to have a joyful purpose for me with you by my side we will go for late cruises sitting in the back of my truck with our feet hanging over the edge as we are mapping the stars hearing the fires crackling in the dark of night

Chorus: Many nights I lie awake at night in the solace of the dark thinking how did I get to this point I’m at why did you have to leave me so lost and empty handed watching the stars all on my own

When we used to walk hand in hand now, I’m just left trying to pick up the pieces you left me in when you went away shooting to the stars every time I looked up and see the stars painting the sky thoughts of you dancing on my memories
I remembered all the times when we sit by the fire watching the sparks never thought that moment would ever be lost leaving me into pieces falling apart

I am trying to hold on to your memory I don’t know how to move on or let you go thoughts of you haunt me but keep seeing you more and more drifting away. Lately you just seem to be tormenting ghost here to stay.

Chorus: Many nights I lie awake at night in the solace of the dark thinking how did I get this point I’m at why did you have to leave me so lost and empty handed

No matter how much I want to move on from you when I looked up at the sky painted with stars is where I see your face mirroring back at me
Why can I not just move on from you I am so lost without out no matter what I do your ghost seems here to stay Primal R.e.p.r

Not a day goes by where I am not thinking of you or your on my mind, The times we shared the moments we live in are with me, no matter where I go or the places where I call home each time I looked up and see the stars paint the sky I am thinking of you

Primal ReprMapping Stars through the Fires

Feeding the Darkness, Lacing Venom

Horizon of Chaos

Horizon of Chaos

Horizon of Chaos

My head is spinning in a constant state of chaos, drifting further into unknown of the deep abyss

I think each day I take a breath could be my last it’s getting harder to breathe each day passes me by find myself trying to keep my head above from the waves that surround come crashing down on me slipping on razer’s edge the pain fills inside of me is motivation to keep going not a curse

Chorus: I will Never Fucking forgive you for all you have done the day when you’re no more will be a day that I call home watch as the walls come crumbing down from all the hell you put me through

I have let those down that matter to me my demons flourished within there is no letting up and letting me fucking be

Everything that was me, that had joyful memories in Life, has been ripped from me from the state of chaos I find myself to be, the question of uncertainty so many things have been taken from me all the wicked deeds you did to me

You thought you could break me and shattered me with your twisted desires yet here I am still standing far from okay, been broken into many pieces from your wicked deeds but you did not defeat me Primal Repr

Some days the Horizon is clear and we can see the sky others the waves are crashing down trying to suck you into suffocation of the undertow

Evolution of Self-Primal R.e.p.r