Feeding the Darkness, Lacing Venom

Hidden within the Shadows

Hidden within the Shadows

Darkness is the place I’ve called home for far so long

The walls that surrounded me couldn’t hold to a place away from insanity there is no point of fucking screaming because no one ever hears me I am just so lost within

Chorus : You comfort me with a warm embrace from inside numbing place I call home you could never swallow me you are what moulded me we are never apart I was never afraid to be in the dark

Every moment I awaken to be sitting inside this empty abyss from this hell you welcomed me into I fucking hate you I want to see you ugly bitch suffer if you were to die tomorrow wouldn’t be soon enough

I ‘m struggling to see beyond the dying light when it welcomes me it fucking pierces my eyes all see is the blinding that has abandoned me raping me of innocence

These sins you have done to me death would be to kind the stain of ripping my innocence wings away will not wash your unspeakable sins

I want to see you die and feel the decay rotting from your insides the lies you keep to hide the fucking truth away the Reaper will soon come what you did will never be fucking undone

Chorus : You comfort me with a warm embrace from inside numbing place I call home you could never swallow me you are what moulded me we are never apart I was never afraid to be in the dark

The Reaper will soon be knocking your time has come your loaded consequences await oh ravish in your agonizing demise cannot wait to see the fucking fear in your eyes

Your death will soon come there is no washing a way what you did I want to see the fear swallow in your eyes Primal Repr

No how much you think you moved on the past always comes back to Snake Bite you

Evolution of Self – Primal Repr

Feeding the Darkness, Lacing Venom

House of Shattered Memories

Yes our minds can be a wondrous place of creativity but can also be terrorist of undeniable relentless quick sand

Shattered Existence

I was unbreakable only to realise I was living a mirage

Masquerading hidden lies beneath I was crumbling into pieces

What I used to call home now is becoming a distant memory of restless shadows casting me further away from you I don’t know who the fuck I am anymore

My foundations are decaying beneath do I fight to live or die drowning in the state chaos and dismay

Chorus: Shattered glass is now all that remains where I used to stand strong Why do I constantly keep living a lie

What the Fuck is Wrong With Me Just let me go and leave surrounded by the darkness all alone this is the place so close to me the only true solace I ever known

The skeletons I have buried run deep never sleep all the damaged you fucking did only the scars remain

I watch as everything around me no longer remains the same, the distant reflections drifting away crumbling shadows into ashes

Will I ever be rebuild to once again stand unbreakable and strong no one knows Shattered Memories is all that remains Primal Repr

Those that emerged are never without scars some wounds never close always remain only the salt soaks deeper.

E.O.S-Primal Repr

State of Chaos 2 Head Roller Coaster

Numbing Connection to Gravity

Numbing Senses to Gravity

I once knew you so well now a stranger so close yet so far away the days seem so lost all I do is keep seeing your face as haunting ghost praying you would just drift away

When you see me what do you see I’m I just a lost soul ravished by my demons hidden inside

Chorus: Crumbling in the gravity of quicksand gripping at me with chains binding I’m so lost in the wake of uncertainty

Will I find solid ground again, getting sucked into the undertow no matter what I do my sins follow me,the path of destruction my demons seem leave in their wake

So many I have left behind on my path tried to resurrect me back to life, only to see their invitation met with the knife of chaos and dismay ApeX

The disconnection now lingers once where there was spark ignited the fire has smoulder into ambers, all thoughts of you conflict my mind tormenting me inside lost in numbing sense of lost connection to gravity now I am free falling waiting to be smashed into thousand pieces.

E.O.S/Primal Repr 01/18/21

Feeding the Darkness, Lacing Venom

Streets of Ashes From Dusk till Dawn

Life carries so many uncertainties do we truly know when our day will come to end

Streets of Ashes From Dusk till Dawn

I have walked this life with so many scars, I wear broken and battered bones that tell the story
If you only knew the fucking hell I have walked through, there would be no need to lie and hide

(Chorus X 2) Tick Tock the clock is ticking as the pendulum swings let the games begin,

Death has come knocking many times want to proclaim me for his own but I keep telling him NO not without a fight to my goddam last breath until then I will never rest
I have seen so many falls from grace from all walks of life there is no such thing as happy ending for many broken souls only unleft stories untold

This game you call life will always come with pain and sacrifice
Never take nothing for granted Life aspirations of joy will always not come without a price

The Reaper is waiting for you to place your bet the wager is for your soul all or nothing


Life is full of so many ambitions that were replaced with broken dreams. In thee end, we will walk our final chapter to the rite of passage alone.


Feeding the Darkness, Lacing Venom

Venom in My Eyes

Venom in My Eyes

This song hits so close to home for me it’s not even fucking funny do you see me laughing

I didn’t come to show you peace because that just be a fucking lie I came to rip your souls out you thinking I am fucking playing the ApeX ready to fight live or die doesn’t matter anyway long as I dragged you down hell with me

I got my mind spinning in all directions everyone say to you to do this and you need to get over yourself if only it was that fucking simple.

You have no idea the demons that breathe inside of me wanting to come out and play just thirsting with blood lust to get out and fucking feast all those that tried to fucking crucified me

Chorus: When will this goddam roller coaster end what is the point fucking fighting anyways, my demons keep telling me without us you wouldn’t be alive ungrateful bastard

I know my time will come when Reaper will collect his bounty on my soul proclaim; I have been fighting to keep my head above every day I don’t who the fuck I am anymore

The venom that fills me, coursing through my veins all twisted up inside fuels my rage for those you thought it was smart to fuck me ,were greatly mistaken now it’s time to pay when my demons come out it’s game over for your soul

I am the rage the eye of the storm there will be no mercy coming for you, Reaper’s hand has been set cannot wait to watch all you motherfuckers die

Chorus: When will this goddam roller coaster end what is the fucking point of fighting anyways, my demons keep telling me without us you wouldn’t be alive ungrateful bastard

When will be the time I will sleep and hide my demons back inside watching as pendulum swings until you ceased to breathe no more ApeX

ApeX 12/22/20