Act of Valour

Binding Blood

Die for everything or live for nothing in disgrace 

Only, a true warrior is willing to sacrifice for another… Through their life or death they will always keep watch over their pack, fear is not what others should worry about but the killer instinct that drives them to strike without mercy into the hearts of their adversaries. For the greatest threat to anyone that opposes them are the love and unbreakable bond that ties the binding of the pack.


Loyalty, Strength, Honour, Valour :This is my creed and my conviction of validation” for those who are in my pack I remain The Guardian Protector whether through life or through death.

Act of Valour

The Legacy of the All Blacks

In hundred ten years the All Blacks have only lost 10 times” did they really lose or did they just run outta of time.

Rugby is very much a cerebral game of skill and sheer will ” not for faint of heart there is no surrender on the pitch, just like in life you slice and slash your perseverance to execute your actions into conviction. Without heart.

whakahonore ( Honour ) ngakau toa (Heart of Valor)

The legacy of the Maori warriors lives on in the blood lines of Rugby spirit and forged into essence of the people each time the All Blacks step out onto the pitch and pay their respect to their ancestors preform the Kapa O pango or Ka Mate they will always remember how enriched the blood flows through their veins with tingling intensity

Kei te wehi to tatou whanau kia kaua e tetahi e noho tonu

Our dominace fears no one always remain

Ka ora te regacy ki runga ake ake i te toto o nga tupuna


#Talk About It

No one should ever be made to think they’re lashing out in silent terror…EVER! some wounds no matter how much you overcome ill gotten actions against you and live to tell about.Some wounds no matter will never close as the affects from the salt soaks deeper into your scorched tissue as constant reminder from the wrath of the gates of Brimstone you endured. E.O.S

You thought I liked being in the dark?No, I hate darkness.I,Hate darkness.Darkness made you get to forcefully own me for a while.But why would you so badly want to do it to me?I never wanted to be in the news, I, don’t think I was ready for trauma.The whole of you was scary,Your eyes were […]

#TalkAboutIt — sanderochy

Samurai Warriors Creed

“ Die in an act of valour then live for nothing in disgrace “

Purest formation of solidifying what the raw true meaning of the elements of Way of the Warrior, The transition into concept of becoming something more then just a man that entirely signified by greater testament of Life and to live and breathe .(MONSTERISM )

Honour , Loyalty , Compassion& Strength& Pride -SAMURAI


Act of Valour

Heart of Valour from the Fallen

Many run in fear of the ominous chaos that stands before them” doing everything to get to safety where those, that vow to never to leave anyone behind that’s within grasp. Measure their acts of valour and sometimes reaped ultimate sacrifice cast into fallen shadows where this there is no good bye ….or I’ll see you soon

There are times they are the ones that give you a second chance at Life no matter how much struggle you are entrenched in. Know that because of the men and women that everytime they suit up to help you…in your gravest time of desperation knowing in the back of their minds.The risks the endured and put their lives on line could be the day or night they don’t come back or catch the game or enjoy a cold brew.

Why because that stranger could you when you need help in a state of crisis watching as all your memories fade and burned into smouldering ashes that’s when they will be there the most. No Life that is lost in tragedy is ever without meaning .

Why risk so much for strangers …people they may never seen before or ever met.

The dismay from asking why did this have to happen… The truth is hard to swallow but simple answer is so that others can live.


Warming Moments Through Life

The Falling of Christmas Snow

As I reflect through memories of past and present the images I see are mirrored from the foot prints in the snow. The telling tales of pure joy but not everything you experience or live through is one of joy . I can relate first hand walking and enduring that horrendous Hell, For me not sure for others but seeing the falling of Christmas Snow brings sense of serenity and relaxation no matter how much of insufferable events I have endured. Christmas Snow is purity that never can be ripped from no matter what by anything or anyone.

Running through the snow brings out Apex Wolf that lays dormant but when I am tracking through snow is awakening as the wild animal was never sleeping. Feeling the snow course through my foot prints as I tract my grips into laying foundation beneath me.

So know this when you see the Falling of Christmas Snow it more then just event of weather but traction of old and new memories. Telling the story in your journey through life where you were to Where your going so embrace reflection as its mirrored back at you through conviction.

Guím Nollaig Shona ort Everyone



I’m Alive

Exceptional expressionism through song lyrics from Harely

Music is climax to arousing the soul and breathes life into your core fusion.

Everything around us you will see and hear tapestry of vibes.

Enjoy E.O.S



Harley Unhinged

Broken and beaten down

By him and her and everything in between

No good deed goes unpunished

And all my deeds have been good

Lucky for me I can take all the pain

Someday soon they’ll learn their loss

Will forever be my gain

Cuz I am still breathing

Destined to take everyone’s breath away

Watch me succeeding

While the haters look on in dismay

Painted grimaces grace their face

Failing to convince the world

I’m nothing but a disgrace

Your biggest mistake in taking me down

Was not finishing the job

Every single scar

Marks how far I have come

And how much further I have to go

You thought you took it all

But I’m still breathing

Destined to take everyone’s breath away

Watch me rise above your hate

While you grow more jaded every day

You can have my 2018

2019 down the drain

In 2020 I…

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Guím Nollaig Shona ort to everyone

Just would like to say thank you to everyone been with me through thick and thin in my journey.

As I continue to evolved and myself and inspire others around me to find their conviction and helping them find their purpose means a lot knowing I am valued and through my words and telling of My Story continues to inspire and light a fire within you. To become the sword you need to thrashed and dip into fire over and over again.

Merry Christmas to everyone and their families I look forward to seeing you all as we continue correlate together in the New Year.

Guím Nollaig Shona ort