Feeding the Darkness

The Monsters Twisted up inside of ME

The Monsters Twisted up inside of ME

Beware of your loaded consequences
Hahaha Time of Reckoning has Come

I used be of sound mind thinking that the scales of justice were wagering on my side Hahaha what a fucking lie

I am not a good guy I am the fucking Out Law the one others tell you to fear and tremble

Think twice before you decide to wagering against me because the Devil lives inside and has no mercy or regard for weak

I will take everything you hold dear and crushed it before your eyes as you watch life snuffed out in ensuffering

Knowing there is nothing you can fucking do to stop me I feed the Monsters that lives inside of me

I know your darkest moments and moments once filled with light now consume with pure Rage and shattered existence

The Reaper has come to play the wager is Life there is no coming back from this either you play his Game of Russian Roulette All or Nothing…Time to Die

Are you willing to die or fight to live because as I am the one that comes and collect his bounty there is no mercy from me I will take everything from you

Because I feed the Monsters that live inside and your day of Judgement has come

Death is certain life is a game of twisted Russian Roulette

E.O.S-Primal R.e.p.r

Primal R.e.p.r

I am the Crocodile

African Proverb: Just because the water is calm and quite doesn’t mean there is no Crocodiles lurking.

Mamba huangalia kila wakati

Lurking in the shadows surrounded by a surface of black glass lies patiently awaiting those that are foolish enough to test the Reaper’s hand.

To come into my realm means you’re willing to die to wagering against me either you live to see the sun rise again and embrace you with its warm light or will you cease to take your last breath as I crushed the very life from you.

As you reaped closer the Crocodile can anticipate your close and sense your fear crouching ever so still not to arousal me with excitement. Luring me even more to the clutches of you ripped with anxiety and turmoil.

I strike with cerebral attack without mercy the water hole is never without fatal consquences and I will always hold you to that accountability when you play with the Reaper remeber his hand is always cocked and loaded. Just as my words are and the fear of the unknown from my actions being unpredictable is intoxicating and terrifying.

My execution is always stealth, cerebral assualt with loaded consequences know I will never show my hand or anticipation of my expression until the affliction of my words having creep into deepest thoughts of your cerebral cortex.

I am the Crocodile and when you enter into my domain there will always be accountability. Either you will survive to see another day when you come down to the water hole or your fate will be sealed and Primal Reaper awaits with voracious excitement knowing you were not strong enough to overcome the cerebral assault on your conscience to play all or nothing.

E.O.S-Primal Repr

Feeding the Darkness

My Demons Follow Me through Wreckage

The risks you don’t take are the ones you regret the most

Tormenting Ghost

I see you as the antidote that releases me from the feeding my demons from within

I see you in the distant telling me to keep going but you are nowhere near just a twisted mural where I see your face over and over again tormenting mind

I keep reaching out to you every time I take a breath I am falling deeper into the unknown abyss

thoughts of you consume me infuse to every part of me times I want you to be near me others I you constantly are tormenting me

Your face is like a silhouette of bliss wanting to caress forbidden desire

Chorus : I see you you in the distant telling me to keep going but you’re nowhere near just a twisted mural where I see your face over and over again I am so fucked up inside my head what is true and real I just don’t fucking know anymore

Every time I reach out to touch your wreckage you are the kryptonite to my thoughts burning up inside me my demons want to come out.

Will I risk everything to your embrace knowing I am the venom in your story they tell you to stay way

Why do you try so hard to resurrect me stop me from drowning when all I do is push you away slipping into the madness of the abyss. Primal Repr

This is a proclamation to myself

So many go looking for answers to understand compression of filth that fills their vessel and consumes their lungs, We all will die one way or another others will see you as truly broken and shattered you really are, trying to hide fucking pain as curse. That agony the torment within is the reason why you live with us you wouldn’t be alive.

So let me them see you for what you truly are and demons that live within salvage you from the goddam wreckage all unspeakable wicked deeds that were projected at you no one knows just how fucking real hades is for you than you.

So I will gladly be the Villain until my last breath and those that resent or hate me for being what I am remember when you could made difference resurrect me from belly of Hell you didn’t fucking nothing ” I am the Monster I am image lurks in the shadows sees the fear in your eyes” We Are One

Evolution of SelF – Primal Repr

Feeding the Darkness

Black Ice Peak

Knowing the Air fills my lungs with each breath, I know I am Alive,”

I stand and look up from afar

At your highest peak thinking, I will see you in pinnacle form someday soon

Only to know that is a silhouette of deception

Every time I execute my actions into conviction, enduring, I falter, grasping at what is suppose reinforced rock only to realise its black ice

The more I fight and stare at the ugly face of adversity that has throttled me into this Hell ,Harder I thrashed back into a violent reality with loaded consequences

But know this no matter how much you try to suppress me or break me, send me crashing to my shattered knees

I will never stop trying to ascend to reach your highest peak …ever

Defeat doesn’t define you, how you respond to adversity does finding yourself ascending to the peak of a mountain doesn’t come without costly sacrifices… The question is, are you willing to step out and take risks or too afraid of falling and lost before you even ascended to the mantle?

Rise Above or Fall


Feeding the Darkness

The Kryptonite of Lies (Hero)

So many runs in fear and scorn to embrace the Darkness but Raw truth is it lives within whether you accept or denied it” E.O.S

This why so many afflict accountability from the Hero to Villain because it’s all the Villain fault they are so evil” !!!

Yet if you look at many so-called heroes there only a few I see as whole and most humanistic filled with Dark intentions and flaws.

The Primal Predator “was driven by pure Killer Instinct to consume the Humanity within the Man

Wolverine: One of the most chaotic characters because everything Logan came across trying to embrace what it meant to live truly the primal Predator inside wouldn’t allow him that correlation of warmth and euphoria. The Human elements of Logan had many flaws and demons that consume him. The stained lives the Beast would take ripped the blood stain with the innocents wipe from the face of the Earth permanently. Nothing more than agonizing, tormenting shattered fragments of constant remind of the mass destruction Wolverine left in his wake.

Yes, he slayed and massacred the wicked, sadistic, but Innocent were also victims of smouldering ashes of fractured wounds from Rage that consumed him. That Beast would never leave him to rest in peace until he breathes his last breath into his lungs and Life filled with endless suffering has run its last testament

The excruciating torment the Human ailments within him ravish his every shattered memory

In the end of his last chapter, knowing that his time was coming to ending. The Wolverine came alive for one last wage of War so he would inflict all whom stood in his way with his monstrosity of the rage burned deep within.

Losing the love of his life, Jean Grey (Dark Phoenix)

The Night is Darkest just before Dawn

The Dark Knight – Outta all the super heroes he is most human characteristics- lost his parents to violence witness their murders in front of his tender eyes. The state of Violence and Chaotic Conditions within Bruce Wayne moulded him to becoming a Symbol in which adversaries trembled with fear at very sight. He became more than just a man as man he had weaknesses. Dawning of the Cape and Mask made him Symbolic Reflection not just the Night Keeper to watch over to those whom preyed on the weak but Guardian Protector

(The Dark Knight)

That strengthened and forge him through dips in the Fire into becoming the Dark Knight, but does he always do the right thing or what is just ?

His Uncle Ben said this” With great power comes great responsibility ”

Spiderman: Before radioactive spider that ended up mutating his DNA and genetic sequence bit him, he was just that nerdy kid that always got pick on by them when he was infused with his powers. Peter Parker could inspire himself to be more, to make world around him a better place.

Does he always do the right thing no but does the Just and righteous will to act

This still reigns true and shows that without Accountability there is no Conviction

As Villain which I am through in and out as Joker said” Every one goes looking for monster under their bed but they live within”

Another Joker stroke of genius is this:

Why should I apologise for the Monster you made me ”

I am Not a Monster just ahead of Curve Hahaha

So the fact “is when it comes to the Hero vs Bad Guy” nothing is as it seems in black and white, in fact many shades of grey. The difference is unlike Hero lives in masquerade, the Villain doesn’t be something they’re not “deny their Darkest intentions of who they really are.

E.O.S/ Primal Repr 2020

Feeding the Darkness

The Porcelain Doll

The Porcelain Doll

She is admired by millions they see her smile only if they knew the forbidden truth

She has radiance from her glowing skin and her smile is worth millions, only to know the concealment that it hides the Raw Truth within

Chorus: why won’t I just give in to my demons and let them consume what is fucking point of living anyway… when I am dying inside my reflection is decaying mask I wear

She’s terrified, decaying inside disgust by her mere reflection shattered image living a mirage the very fragments resembled her vulnerability this Porcelain Doll would shattered into thousand pieces losing her mind

Chorus: why won’t I just give in to my demons and let them consume what is fucking point of living anyway… when I am dying inside my reflection is decaying mask I wear

Why won’t you just let me die, so I can go lay in waste into shatter pieces instead of being numb continued living a lie masquerading as Porcelain Doll

Fuck the World I am done, don’t want this fucking pain no more that’s eating me alive inside

Time for the Porcelain Doll to be no more fuck the world you won’t see in place where I will be no more

Fuck the World I’m done.. you thought I was unbreakable I am just the lost, fragile Porcelain Doll Primal Repr

She is stuck between the dying light and reality, well wanting to rip out of your skin. The symbolism that others are envious and wanting very sight of her reflection is decaying and dying ,vilify state of wanting to be in agony no more.

E.O.S-Primal R.e.p.r

My Story

Not Old Just Older

Just want to take a minute and thank all those who continue to stand by and support me I want to wish every a great Weekend. As we all age it can be revelation of something you have earned not old ….Just Older little bit more grey and wiser

See you back in the office on Monday as I am taking the weekend off for my Birthday

My Story

A Day Only Real Moms Deserve

Those Real Mama’s seeing your, kids live and grow are moments that always will remain with abundance of endless joy. Being a Mom and feeling new life form inside your womb is like no other amazing sensation , a journey that started nine months ago. To pain ridden moments to new life wanting to bursts out and take breath .

Mothers Love

Just wanted to wish all you awesome Mama’s a Grand day just you . For some of us in my case its not grand jester, It gave me life. The monstrosity I was subjected to and endure . No real mom or parent would ever imagine inflicting on their kids, “IT” longer has existence in my life but made sure to leave a wake of a mass of destruction.

And for that I hope you rot in Brimstone and even that would be too good for you!

E.O.S-Primal Repr

Act of Valour

The Day Skies Reign in Blood

For many there was no saying no to take up a stand to fight for your freedoms and sovereignty to be a nation full of pride.

So they took to the skies and to corrugated beaches fill with empty silence of decay, not aware of the hell of dismay awaited them with open arms to unbearable thirsts to watch you bleed and your lives snuffed out.

Knowing that for many they would never see home or taste Mom’s homemade cooking again they choose to act in valour to stand against the unjust to let tyrants know that we will not go quite into the night and stop fighting for our right to live free. November 11th marks the day when remember ultimate sacrifice those brave men and women that wage in the gates of Hell to fight the right many nations have today.

Freedom is never free it always comes with cost and never leaves you unscathed with the scars physical and hidden one’s penitence you endured all in the name of Freedom and Honour.

E.O.S-Primal R.e.p.r

Act of Valour

Ghost of Shadows from the Fallen

This is Tribute I write in Honour of My Father and others that make sacrifices to rid the world of evil cockroaches and why we have the freedoms we do.

Thus We go into the ghost of shadows of the forever night

Those of us will remain no more the blood that was shed. For other’s tears will be led by sorrow our stories will never be forgotten.

We made a cry through the night to stare into thee unknown abyss of darkness, to vow never to be silent or astray away nor abandon. For bare to bring birth of enlightenment in eternal peace, We Remember Always. (ApeX)



Feeding the Darkness

The Awakening of All Hallows Eve

You look, and stare at the monstrosity eyes hoping there’s sign of Life where there is nothing

Only primal image lurking in the distant shadows of death

That knows no sense of human nature of what it means to feel a living soul of the beating from quaking heart pulsing

It appears to you as flesh and blood there is connection to correlating the grasping from caressing touch

The Primal urged inflicting mass destruction, violent mayhem suffocating any glimpse of hope

Grasping the serrated blade in its hand overwhelm with wanting to penetrate every aspect of your terrifying senses ,

Climaxing the Primal Predator lusts to watch the blood ceased from your veins is so unbearable the arousal is taking over from all its senses.

As the knife thrashed deeper into your into your fragile flesh as razor schism through hot butter ripping your soul out over and over again

Watching as your legacy drains and soaking the life outta of you to be no more

The tantalising fear praying you will awake from this visceral nightmare

Only to realise it’s , only matter of when before your soul will be castrated in tormenting agony

Where no matter how much you scream is paralysing silent terror, no one will ever hear your last words of fear

Awaiting to shattered what remains of your lost decaying soul is the belly of Hell’s Fire

Death has come to aspirate all reflections of joy and emulating light that fills you with life to blanket and consume you with welcoming of the Hand of Death

The dawn of seeing the light will never come to pass for you for all eternity the air once filled your lungs and your heart full of Life now is disintegrated as lifeless discarded organ

The Spawn of the deepest trenches of Brimstone has come to unleash its acts of absolute, brutal affliction from its cerebral nightmare

E.O.S-Primal R.e.p.r

Feeding the Darkness

Deadly Temptation

You look with amazement knowing how close your’re staring at death face to face exotic but forbidden to caress . A touch so soft but loaded with deadly consequences.

Waiting in anticipation the Reaper lurks in the shadows of chaos, dismay the pheromones of intoxication from her forbidden essence awake your senses wanting to taste her. Unknown to you she is cocked and loaded with fatality” a woman that memorize you with her scent luring you into her twisted game of seduction. Be careful what you thirst to desire , some vintages there is no second chances of coming back from redemption.

What you desire and envious to have be careful what you wish for some forbidden fruits carry loaded consequences. Women know how to play and dance the sway of seduction to seducing your darkest and deepest desires of raw euphoria. She magnetized you with her eyes as Cobra being serenaded by the snake charmer. She is anticipating wrapping her coils around you squeezing every breath from your being.

The taste of her luscious , moist wet lips make your body quake with erotic euphoria wanting to caress every inch of her body starting with her lips working down to grasp her silky legs that feel like the been nurtured by the essence of the sun. But what you fail to realized this is sensation that there is no coming back from” to touch her so gracefully means your fate is certainly sealed.

Kiss of Death Awaits You


Act of Valour

Binding Blood

Die for everything or live for nothing in disgrace 

Only, a true warrior is willing to sacrifice for another… Through their life or death they will always keep watch over their pack, fear is not what others should worry about but the killer instinct that drives them to strike without mercy into the hearts of their adversaries. For the greatest threat to anyone that opposes them is the love and unbreakable bond that ties the binding of the pack.


Loyalty, Strength, Honour, Valour: This is my creed and my conviction of validation” for those who are in my pack I remain The Guardian Protector whether through life or through death.


Feeding the Darkness

The Shadow of Deception

When you cross the line of restitution” for absolution there is no coming back from your state of morality everything you done to remain true, When you see what reflection mirror’s stares into your eyes .

Who Are You Really

Everything you seem to touch no matter your intentions turns to venom, when you look and see yourself there is nothing. The costs you have accumulated from your voracious actions that will always be cocked with loaded consequences. Every action there is recoil effect which the Reaper anticipates your agonizing demise of suppression, so play the game that stacked the odds against you.

Many of us start out as honourable with valour but costs from your deadly actions will always infuse those closest to you with the most scars” You say I am doing it for the right reasons” the truth is… you’re lying to yourself how much selfish, sadistic son of bitch you really are. You say I do what I do to protect what matters most or to rid the world of evil. Your only in denial just how fucking cold you are and what your willing to do to hold ultimate crown P O W E R and strike fear into those that dare to stand your way, The carnage you leave in your wake to rising to pure dominance means fuck all.

Once you have penetrated your code accountability “You’re gone pass the point of return that everything that comprised your core is met with eroding decay of existence. When you look back on how many lives you shattered into nothing ripping families apart, your hands are stained with blood consumed by you as you take and take not giving a fuck. How could I’ve cause so much wreckage and burn so many bridges, correlation to the point you do not understand?

“Who the Fuck you are anymore” all that remains from your destruction is a trail smouldering ashes of mass the lives you taken. Your existence is haunting to you the wake of death from shattered reflections you tried to convince others you were genuine, but you are no more than a shadow that puts on masquerade to feed your lust for power and take whatever you desire.

You’re nothing but a Shadow of Deception loaded with deadly consequences of a mass destruction.

E.O.S=Primal R.e.p.r

Act of Valour

The Legacy of the All Blacks

In hundred ten years the All Blacks have only lost 10 times” did they really lose or did they just run outta of time.

Rugby is very much a cerebral game of skill and sheer will ” not for faint of heart there is no surrender on the pitch, just like in life you slice and slash your perseverance to execute your actions into conviction. Without heart.

whakahonore ( Honour ) ngakau toa (Heart of Valor)

The legacy of the Maori warriors lives on in the blood lines of Rugby spirit and forged into essence of the people each time the All Blacks step out onto the pitch and pay their respect to their ancestors preform the Kapa O pango or Ka Mate they will always remember how enriched the blood flows through their veins with tingling intensity

Kei te wehi to tatou whanau kia kaua e tetahi e noho tonu

Our dominace fears no one always remain

Ka ora te regacy ki runga ake ake i te toto o nga tupuna

Feeding the Darkness

My Demons breathe within

They Are Waiting for You Hahaha

My Demons Breathe Within

How can I stopped feeding the Darkness when it lives within me

My Demons talked to me giving me the strength I need to overcome the Goddam Hell you thrash me into

Chorus: The Scars I wear cannot be seen but vile deeds you fucking did to me my Demons know everything and remind me that mommy fucking dearest and Hyde deserved to fucking die cease to breathe again

But they tell me every fucking day that death is too good for you don’t worry I tell them that Karma will be collecting her outstanding bounty fucking come for you day we meet you Mother Fuckers Will Die Primal Repr

The Day we meet they will be waiting to unleash wrath in which you will never ever seen before but your affliction of the Reign Fire when their done you be as you should be fucking nothing a never was. You twisted sadistic sick bitch Hell is too good for you why should the Devil show you sick mother fuckers for the choas you afflicted and put me through Primal Repr

E.O.S -Primal R.e.p.r

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Undertow of Madness

Undertow of Madness

I don’t know for you but I understand the state of quicksand very well those that are supposed to be there for you most in your state of chaos leave you alone out in the cold

You try to keep your head above from drowning only to be get sucking down by the undertow more you fight harder life makes things be man do I ever fucking hate you, you’re such a cold bitch

Never let waves of chaos consume you those that see you drowning don’t reach out you brought this on yourself

Chorus: How did I find myself surrounded by so much fucking mayhem in this war that rages within me I wish for once my head and body would get on same goddam page

Many days I find myself trying to keep my head above when will this goddam storm leave be and just fucking pass already for once just once be nice to lay to rest in peace but what fun would that fucking be

Madness that surrounds me doesn’t see me because it comes from within my demons know me very well I need them and they need me Primal R.e.p.r

Evolution of Self – Primal R.e.p.r

Crimson Desire

Erotic Sin

She is that object of obsession the desire to lusting for what you cannot grasp wanting thirsting to ravish and gripped her naked flesh violent and erupt all her senses to bring her to violent climax but what so many fail to realised. Tried before you, she is Erotic Carnage of Sin, the forbidden possession. For a reason she is loaded with deadly consequences one taste of her velvet wet lips are absolutely lethal with venom. Perhaps the dark shadow stranger is wanting and lusting is the antidote to tame wild erotic Medusa or will be yet another prey victimised laid in her wake carnal annihilation.

You see her off in the distance through the smoky room she is mesmerising to you, the caressing and motion how she wraps her coils around cold steel Erotic goddess owns the stage and sets your blood on fire wanting to quench your lustful thirst. All eyes are gravitated by smell of her ecstasy scenting in the air ravishing your raw senses with climax. The thought of tasting her wet velvet red lips is tormenting the desire to have forbidden fruit no matter she is too wild for you to tame she will take you on one hell of unforgettable fucking ride thoughts of wanting her erotic sin is not without loaded consequences.

The invitation is not yours to send if she desires you she will have you and once she does be careful what you desire she can give you all, bring you to climax and at same time ripped your heart out leaving lifeless and somber.

She will seduce you with her eyes like serpent serenading blinding naïve prey to their fate she is as erotic and exotic with her essence longing to have her as many before you, desire only to be lying lifeless secretions of having tasted her venomous luscious lips.

Evolution of Self- Primal R.e.p.r/ Erotic Sin

Lacing Venom

Horizon Mist

Horizon Mist

I see her shores from far out to sea knowing she is calling me to come home back into her warming embrace the lighthouse will be my beacon to showing me the way back her green earth

Her soil enrich by the blood of slayed that fills your veins the many hidden untold legacies of stories fill the mystic she is the place so many warriors lay vanquished that have felt her earth beneath

Chorus: This is the Horizon Mist she holds deep magic within this is God’s Heaven on earth a place that calls me home to see her luscious mystic enchanting green beauty

No matter how many times I leave her or go far from home I know she always be inside my heart I know we are never part you are my shining compass to the fire I have for burning deep within my core

The amber quarry enforces your walls glimmers from reflecting light of the sun so when we are loss from your feeling your caressing your shores from the sea beneath my feet the fire I have for you will always show me back to highlands of the Horizon Mist a place I know dear to my heart a place she calls me to come back to her shores

tá mo chroí ag glaoch orm ar ais go dtí a cuid arm ionas go mbraithim ceo farraige ar m’aghaidh ag sileadh trí mo chuid fola

Primal R.e.p.r-2021