Devil's Kiss of Death

Devil’s Kiss of Death

VIPER: will wait as ghost lurking in the shadows of darkness for right precision to unleash relentless attack on unsuspecting prey feeling the temperature of its victim’s blood with flicks of its senses scenting the air . Awaiting to inject its venom asphyxiating with every breath your life will cease to exist.

As he watches his victims struggle to breathe from memorizing the last victim snuffed out their innocents seeing them grasp for air as the toxin from the Black Mamba venom courses through their veins as driving straight to the heart paralyzing any chance calling for help knowing , watching you dying in disgusting agony gets him off . But for how long will it quench his thirst of feeding his addiction of endless sadistic erotic euphoria. Knowing he is far from done staining the world that surrounds the viper with blanket of death.

Weaving and twisting his way deeper into psyche of his helpless victims those that have already endured his touch of death remain no more but lay to rest . The ones that are still yet to come living Hell awaits you to deliver to death there is no point in trying to run or hide the viper he is charismatic and cerebral assassin that gets him off from watching your demise as his kiss of death courses through your veins .

The visual seeing his next victim being paralyzed in complete fear helpless to call for someone to rescue her arouses the viper that sensation is bringing him to total climax. TTX is explosive deadly cocktail where there is no coming back from Russian Roulette the Reaper awaits your fate . Each victim that falls prey to vicious demise of the Viper’s caressing toxins of death is just another fulfillment to feeding his unbearable need for voracious hunger for chronic addiction . Being a master of destruction to humanity longing for all to endure his suffering , tormenting existence every potion of toxic cocktails must be precise details so only purity remains any less would be failure .

Choosing carefully with precision what will be his grand finale in his lustful acts of Pandora’s Box of cocktails Viper slithers inside the minds of prey selecting who’s worthy to be apart of his master canvas one to which he will never forget seeing life drain from your eyes so that all remains is lifeless silhouette ,decaying fragments .

Death is his game of sensational pleasure and Venom is the Viper’s recipe to your inescapable agonizing demise

Raw and Riveting Says Ron Holt