Feeding the Darkness

Masks of Me

This was something I wrote hoping to find someone to put music to the Story …..

Masks of Me

Masks of Me

So many sees the Smile are many masks of ME

you would be lying thinking there is a reflection of joy instead is just masquerading the pain

Through the faces of many masks to hide the broken remains, the crumbling void eating away inside of Me

What I used to be

Will ever see again

Chorus: No matter what, keep fighting to the end No Matter What

The Masks of Me mirrored what I used to be seems here to say as I am fading into unknown

When you look into the mirror, what do you see… the reflection of your Essence of Life” signifying your existence, or just the state of Grey Eyes coasting in the shadows.

E.O.S– Primal R.e.p.r

Feeding the Darkness, Lacing Venom

Horizon of Chaos

Horizon of Chaos

Horizon of Chaos

My head is spinning in a constant state of chaos, drifting further into unknown of the deep abyss

I think each day I take a breath could be my last it’s getting harder to breathe each day passes me by find myself trying to keep my head above from the waves that surround come crashing down on me slipping on razer’s edge the pain fills inside of me is motivation to keep going not a curse

Chorus: I will Never Fucking forgive you for all you have done the day when you’re no more will be a day that I call home watch as the walls come crumbing down from all the hell you put me through

I have let those down that matter to me my demons flourished within there is no letting up and letting me fucking be

Everything that was me, that had joyful memories in Life, has been ripped from me from the state of chaos I find myself to be, the question of uncertainty so many things have been taken from me all the wicked deeds you did to me

You thought you could break me and shattered me with your twisted desires yet here I am still standing far from okay, been broken into many pieces from your wicked deeds but you did not defeat me Primal Repr

Some days the Horizon is clear and we can see the sky others the waves are crashing down trying to suck you into suffocation of the undertow

Evolution of Self-Primal R.e.p.r

Feeding the Darkness

Burns Within No Scars Exist

So Many see a Smile and think sentiment of Joy only if they …..Knew

Fire Storm of Secrets

They say that you can see the torment others walk in but only to know your own denial within yourself to your own scars

No one sees the scorched flesh because you don’t wear it as badge your skin appears to be pure only to realized an agonizing truth that you are burning inside wanting to crawl out of your skin

The Fire that once was there you needed to fight and fucking survived has consume your soul with so much unleashing rage, wanting to cause mass destruction and death

The Smile you see and so many others have reflecting is concealing the tormenting fucking lies beneath

The masquerade you put on is just numbing solace to wishing the endless en-suffering would just be replace the will desire to break free from the chains that gripped away at your burning flesh for those who try to get close

Why won’t you ever let them see instead you put on masquerade to numb endless agony, the Smile you see conceals The Real Me

I am not falling to pieces I’m just a shattered human being the scars I wear inside consume me are apart me there is no running or wanting to hide FOR FUCK SAKES why won’t you just Goddam let me be Primal Repr

There is no running from Yourself
If only you knew the Fucking Raw Truth !

E.O.S- Primal Repr

Feeding the Darkness, Lacing Venom

Recoil Ghost


You see me, but I don’t matter I am nothing to you

Wait until I am loaded gun then your world is ripped from you, I will leave you with nothing but shattered remains

Thought of all the times you fuck me would be forgotten guess what you thought wrong the reaper has come back from the ghost of your past thinking you would escaped

Chorus: I had fucking enough this time its game on live or die I am cocked and loaded ready to pull the trigger B O O M B O O M

I am ready to explode go off like time bomb I had enough my rage consumes me wanting to see you suffer time to bury you motherfuckers six feet under Grim Reaper has come to watch you die

Chorus: I had fucking enough this time its game on live or die I am cocked and loaded ready to pull the trigger B O O M B O O M

I will kill all of you never should’ve messed with in first place now you’re no more than erased memory
Primal Repr

No matter how much you try to run from your sins the Reaper will always let you know that your Sins have


Your transgressions will come back with (INJECTED VENOM)

Primal Repr/ Recoil Ghost

Feeding the Darkness

My Demons Follow Me through Wreckage

The risks you don’t take are the ones you regret the most

Tormenting Ghost

I see you as the antidote that releases me from the feeding my demons from within

I see you in the distant telling me to keep going but you are nowhere near just a twisted mural where I see your face over and over again tormenting mind

I keep reaching out to you every time I take a breath I am falling deeper into the unknown abyss

thoughts of you consume me infuse to every part of me times I want you to be near me others I you constantly are tormenting me

Your face is like a silhouette of bliss wanting to caress forbidden desire

Chorus : I see you you in the distant telling me to keep going but you’re nowhere near just a twisted mural where I see your face over and over again I am so fucked up inside my head what is true and real I just don’t fucking know anymore

Every time I reach out to touch your wreckage you are the kryptonite to my thoughts burning up inside me my demons want to come out.

Will I risk everything to your embrace knowing I am the venom in your story they tell you to stay way

Why do you try so hard to resurrect me stop me from drowning when all I do is push you away slipping into the madness of the abyss. Primal Repr

This is a proclamation to myself

So many go looking for answers to understand compression of filth that fills their vessel and consumes their lungs, We all will die one way or another others will see you as truly broken and shattered you really are, trying to hide fucking pain as curse. That agony the torment within is the reason why you live with us you wouldn’t be alive.

So let me them see you for what you truly are and demons that live within salvage you from the goddam wreckage all unspeakable wicked deeds that were projected at you no one knows just how fucking real hades is for you than you.

So I will gladly be the Villain until my last breath and those that resent or hate me for being what I am remember when you could made difference resurrect me from belly of Hell you didn’t fucking nothing ” I am the Monster I am image lurks in the shadows sees the fear in your eyes” We Are One

Evolution of SelF – Primal Repr

Feeding the Darkness, Lacing Venom

Eye of the Storm ( L I F E)

The Reaper’s Game is All or Nothing he will rip everything from you without mercy

Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm

Every time I walked the line I see others waiting for me to fall, wanting to push me over the fucking edge

Telling me I am not good enough never amount to nothing, I say fuck that by the end of this song you will know I am for real and Repr is here to stay

No matter how far I fall or how many tried to mess with me better bring it I will give you one shot it’s your fucking funeral
I don’t fall align with Reaper’s Game I didn’t fight to stay alive not to fucking win, You won’t defeat me you think you’re going to beat me just remember I won’t stop coming
to my last breath

I am in this game of Life for long game I am not running a sprint to the finished line but marathon I won’t stop coming and gunning for all those that think you screw with me and battered beat and bruised me

In this game you call life when it comes to Reaper’s Hand it’s all or Nothing there is no second chances
I won’t keep coming until I got nothing left and take my last breath I am in this game of Life for long haul

War is on until the end will I live or Die it’s all or Nothing in the Game of Life (Primal Repr)

The storms that take form will rip everything from you in life, if you don’t learn and endure from barring reign of their raging wrath wanting to break you into shattered knees

Evolution of Self-Primal Repr