Act of Valour

Heart of Valour from the Fallen

Many run in fear of the ominous chaos that stands before them” doing everything to get to safety where those, that vow to never to leave anyone behind that’s within grasp. Measure their acts of valour and sometimes reaped ultimate sacrifice cast into fallen shadows where this there is no good bye ….or I’ll see you soon

There are times they are the ones that give you a second chance at Life no matter how much struggle you are entrenched in. Know that because of the men and women that everytime they suit up to help you…in your gravest time of desperation knowing in the back of their minds.The risks the endured and put their lives on line could be the day or night they don’t come back or catch the game or enjoy a cold brew.

Why because that stranger could you when you need help in a state of crisis watching as all your memories fade and burned into smouldering ashes that’s when they will be there the most. No Life that is lost in tragedy is ever without meaning .

Why risk so much for strangers …people they may never seen before or ever met.

The dismay from asking why did this have to happen… The truth is hard to swallow but simple answer is so that others can live.


Transition to Evolution of Self

Precipitation of a Second Chance

When the Storm comes reigning down its raw power it washes away all the transgressions of regrets , dismay we have cause or afflicted onto others. Allowing others to have a chance to seek pence for redemption but some sins there is no fucking coming back from.

There’s all the things a lot of us regret “or the guilty conscience consumes you eating away like cancer festering inside of you. They say that no matter the truth will always set you free but that is nothing but fucking mirage…If you truly believe this then you’re living inside of fantasy bubble of disillusions.

There somethings there’s no coming back from and why should you when you do dark actions of unforgettable , unforgiving consequences who the fuck are you to ask for absolution!

Life reminds you of your voracious actions of dismay

When you have the blood of innocents stained all over your hands think twice next time you wager against the Reaper’s hand because when you gamble against fate its all or nothing there is no second chances to wash your Nemesis away.


Act of Valour

Mantel He did for Us

Everybody’s got a blank page A story they’re writing today A wall that they’re climbing You can carry the past on their shoulders Or you can start over

Regrets, no matter what you goin’ through Jesus, He gave it all to save you He carried the cross on His shoulders So you can start over

Don’t let your heart be troubled Don’t be afraid To the broken hearted that wished that they’d Never been born, never been torn, never sinned, never disobeyed I know you think there’s no hope, but that ain’t true I know you feelin’ regret (Like I) brought this all on myself (Like I) messed it up big time, and this time I don’t deserve God’s help (Thinking) how can God forgive me after knowin’ what I did (can He?) After knowin’ that I hid from Him, and I stayed away and backslid, listen

Jesus came for the sick (so true)

Jesus came for the weak (amen)

Jesus came to give good news and have set the captives free (amen)

Jesus came for the poor (amen)

Jesus came with the keys Jesus came to remove the chains so the prisoners are released

Everybody’s got a blank page A story they’re writing today A wall that they’re climbing You can carry the past on their shoulders Or you can start over Regrets, no matter what you goin’ through Jesus, He gave it all to save you He carried the cross on His shoulders So you can start over

See, His love is deeper than the ocean floor Run to His arms like an open door God the Father sent the Son So men can come and be free and ain’t gotta run no more Come to me, all who are weary; with heavy burdens, I’ll give you rest Separated you from the sin, as far as the east is from the west Thrown in the sea of forgetfulness What sin? What offense? And when them waves come crashing in, I’ll calm the winds in your defense So, whatever it is that you’ve done He put that punishment on His Son You’ll never come under His condemnation… Satan and his accusations So, dry your eyes, lift up your head Hallelujah! God is not dead! Plus He gave us His peace, and He took our guilt on the cross instead Took our place and now we embrace A clean slate with the eyes of faith We know unfailing love, unfailing love, it’s not too late to start over

Everybody’s got a blank page A story they’re writing today A wall that they’re climbing You can carry the past on their shoulders Or you can start over Regrets, no matter what you goin’ through Jesus, He gave it all to save you He carried the cross on His shoulders


Act of Valour

Ka mau tonu to tatou rangatiratanga

Khal Drogo

What it means to have legacy of the blood from 10,000 vanquished warriors coursing through your life force.Goes far beyond just the pitch but is forged through blood the sacrifices that are made to live and die in every moment defines what it means to be Maori.

i ahu mai i te taonga tuku iho o te toto

So you want to know what it means to be a Maori Warrior

Goes far beyond the pitch forged through by legacy of the blood through their ancestors that reaped their proclamation into fertilizing the island with their essence.

To Live,Breathe,Die

In act of valour the cerebral psychological mind fare would reduced adversaries to believe they were of acceptance to stand before the All Blacks.

They went into waging war believing that the battle would be proclaimed failing to realized they already were smoldering in the ashes of ruins, because the that war had already been lost.

kohurutanga tuutuu i te wa e rite ana koe ki te whawhai ki te pakanga tino nui o te hinengaro he mea nui

Cerebral Assassins when you prepare to wage in war superior state of mind is vital

Act of Valour

Ghost of the Samurai

Ancient scared craftsmanship of forging Katana into essence of pure heart of a warrior is one precision down to every last detail. Warrior and Sword become one in spirit and body binded together as one.

To create a sword of such honour so Meiyo ,Yu become as one with warrior and heart it takes 36,000 times to ensure there is no weakness no cracks of fragility . Its said the Katana in the hands of those that weld it represents the Light to spawn presence of impurity and wicked deeds . Some of the most deadliest of the Samurai assassins were women not men , they would have tender touch and pheromones of mist surrounding a locust but would strike without mercy with deadly stealth of viper . As the sword fills you with venom from their vicious bite consumes your blood with toxins seeing the life draining out of you air leaving your lungs until you draw your last breath . When Samurai time will come to sacrifice dying in valour wage in Hell is their greatest honour to ascend to .

There is no escape all that remains you have been choosen, to die in honour if you are worthy of that death . Always beware for the viper is cerebral awaiting its time to attack and infuse toxins deep into your frail flesh .

Death and Life are intertwine for Warrior Samurai they Live&Bleed for that moment when there time is no more.

Transition to Evolution of Self

(Alpha) Guardian Watcher

Alpha will never back down or stray away from keeping watchful eye over his pack” no matter how much bigger the challenge is retreat or surrender is never option. Alpha knows that when time comes to lay his life down either Rise or Fall , fear of death means nothing because you never wager in war unless your willing to accept your fate.

True warriors are not born they are forged from blood to blood pass on through their legacy of the ones who’ time has set the changing of the Guard. Alpha will always be the one his pack looks to for perseverance the actions and decisions he makes will be a great testament of a true leaders conviction. Only those that are selected that are strongest worthy of this honour” this why within hierarchy there is a chain of command to be respected those that try to test Alpha will always find out why they are as such and to take on the Alpha means rivals are willing to die.

As the watchful Guardian Alpha will always stay alert aware looking for threats those that oppose or threaten the survival of his pack find out that to cause me harm is one thing but to gun for my pack make sure when you ascertain your assualt don’t miss because I will stop at nothing to rip you apart into shreds. Until my breath is no more the Alpha will keep coming bringing the relentless reign of war where wager is blood for blood and there is no such thing as second fucking chances.

I’m never without fear but my adversary will never use that as vice against me thinking you have the upper hand because I have my pack is weakness guess again. In the end I will always walk the greatest testament to my conviction alone , but I also know the source from which the execution of valour comes from my pack.

I Am The Watchful Guardian when those have come to take what matters most better willing to die because in this stand off there is no walking away or retreat blood for blood so choose your actions very wisely.


Act of Valour

Caught in the Storm of Dismay

We all get rocked at some point many storms that take shape are form by your ill forgotten transgressions that Karma she has crude way of getting your attention. Doesn’t care what crisis your in or how hard you hit rock bottom, When you take risk and wager war in the Reaper’s game you are never left unscathed.

The Reaper waits with anticipation to see You play his game where life is the stakes All or Nothing:

Rest assure to survive deadman’s hand you will know and experience what it feels like to be shredded into complete wreckage” so that all remains is shattered reflection.

Lets Play

Will you live to see another sunrise beyond the horizon or will You wager a hand you cannot win” the deck is already stacked in fates hand . Fate waits for no one doesn’t give fuck about you what you lost, suffer, has no problem ripping what you hold closest to you. Your clocking is ticking ” tick…tock…

There is no second chances before you wager better be willing to die and reign in Hell to see the Dawn again somethings you can only learn from enduring. No matter what you do or how many times you rise after from falling .You will always be the spawn of death in someone’s story.

Рука Жнеца всегда будет взведена и загружена.

Reaper’s Hand will always be cocked and loaded.